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Practicum : Day 23, June 13th

Finally break is over and it is now time to start doing all those mind-buzzing dire tasks such as lesson plan writing, journals and the best part of it all, the actual teaching in class. In one way, I did miss my students quite a lot! Those that are noisy, those that aren't, those that are naughty, those that are passive, those that funny, and those that are entertaining. Yes, I know, that doesn't sound like me at all. I've been trying to convince myself not to get attached to it but guess its too late for petty remorse now, don't you think. So, let's get this day over with.

It's the same mini market scene in the teacher's office while I was trying to meet up with my GP for consultation on tasks and revising the students' marks. Today's sale at the teacher's market is, black modern robe with pretty embroidery that comes with different patterns and colors.

Since I'm very very low on cash, I didn't bought any food from them at all. Oh, after consultation with Madam Neik, she informed that she'll be doing her first observation later this week on Thursday. Damn! So fast and I'm not even sure I'm ready yet.....*pissing my pants*

Anyway, this week is finally the first week that Zi Ling will be actually teaching and Zi Ling has already started complaining as usual. Comic relief as usual, hearing all her nagging about her naughty and obnoxious students. Funny, very funny!

I don't quite sure of the actual purpose of this issue but the school is re-organizing the timetable for all the teachers and students. Reason was that now that the teachers who are back from maternal leave needed to catch up and there will be some trouble with the organization between teachers who relieved their class during their absence and so as ours. So, they needed to reschedule everything again and it will be effective starting tomorrow.

So, while Zi Ling and Kak Yong is writing down their lesson plan, Tini and I were busy writing the lesson plan for the exam weeks. Lucky for Tini, she had done all the self-reflections and weekly journal for the first month of us attending the school while I haven't written anything yet. Thank goodness that I've drafted some small notes on self-reflection for each lesson on my notepad so that I won't forget about it for future reference (now, of course). I spent most of my time at school today writing down every piece of self-reflection for each lesson plan and weekly journal that includes analysis of what I found out in a week about the teaching and learning progress, the students, the lesson execution, blah blah blah....

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that today, Zi Ling and Kak Yong stayed over at the school until we finished school in the evening because they were writing their lesson plan and that they are afraid if they went back home, they might just let it slip through their mind and fell asleep.

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