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Pizza and French Onion Soup Story

Okay, let's see. On the previous post I mentioned about going out on Sunday to satisfy my cravings for Pizza. So we decided to hit Tesco for Pizza Hut instead of the actual plan of Domino because both of us aren't that familiar with what kind of pizza do they have and that they're more of a delivery-eat-at-home kind of pizza than dine-in kind of pizza parlor. So I don't mind really. Another reason why we chose Tesco was that we were thinking of making something or rather cooking something for dinner. Faiz told me of this French Onion Soup dish that he had tried to make before and he said it was good. I thought it would be a good idea to have that as dinner. So, the reason was that we could buy some of the groceries needed to make that dish and perhaps another dish as well.

But before we proceed with that, I would just want to express my weird understanding of the dream I had earlier that night. The dream was super scary, I tell you. It was like so real, more or so, a premonition. I foresaw a future of wasteland and ruined buildings everywhere and us humans are hiding in every nooks and cranny or any hidden spot as we can to survive. Survive? From what? From an invading extra terrestrial colony that is terrorizing the world with their sharp claws and hideous looks. And the worst part of all is that it can shape-shift into human form to deceive us and struck us when we're aware. I remembered a lot of running, hiding and fighting those monstrous beast and the last thing I remembered before I woke up was that I was in large group of human trying to hide in an abandoned auditorium only to found out that one of us was actually them disguising to know our location. Once we took care of that impostor, a swarm of those vile creatures surrounded the auditorium and we were fighting to our deaths until I was finally woken up by the sound of phone ringing. The End. Hahaha. I actually wish that I could continue that dream again tonight.

Gosh, I finally satisfied my cravings for pizza and to top it all, I managed to order my favorite prawn olio dish which tasted quite odd. Well, it is tasty but not like any of the prawn olio that I ordered from other outlet. The fettuccine was still wet and not dried well enough before being tossed into the other ingredients. And the fact that their ingredients also changed. Instead of dried chili, they replaced it with red pepper and the seasoning flakes is just in a small amount. Ugh. No more complaint over that.

Got our ingredients, now to home and cook!

Well, actually Faiz was the one who did all the cooking while I sat in front of the TV and watch Kongsi on Astro First. Now I know why all the reviews said that the movie sucks big time. It really does. Disappointing ending, ridiculous flow, and really is just a total waste of time. Though the movies does have certain comical parts but it doesn't cover enough the fact that it is just a plain waste of money. Back to the cooking. Okay, here's the product done. French Onion Soup.

Okay, I know, not a good presentation.

Those are baguettes which I bought for dipping for the soup.
Surprisingly, even without the baguette, the soup tasted delicious. Creamy and sweet (not super sweet). Just nice. I had the idea of making my own garlic butter spread and spread it over the baguettes and toast it in the oven.

It really was a very delicious dinner!


  1. I actually prefer Dominos to PizzaHut. You seem like a good cook bro :)

  2. well, maybe the next time I ought to try dominos instead!

    I'm not a good cook, my friend is.


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