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Practicum : Day 30, June 22nd

 Because of the frustration from the internet speed last night, I decided to sleep earlier in hopes that I could wake up early this morning to find the crossword puzzles that I was supposed to find for the language month activity. Well ,thank goodness that I did woke up early at 6am and there idea struck me that instead of searching for crossword puzzles and be disappointed once more, I decided to write my own. Well, using a puzzle maker app in the internet of course. Hahahaha..

After finally finishing all those crossword puzzles, I got up and ready to go to school for the marching parade drill at school like yesterday and the day before. But before that, I managed to cooked myself a breakfast - Nasi Goreng.

But as usual, after doing some of those chores in the morning, I arrived at 9am instead of the appointed time of 8.30am to school. But today, everything was messed up. Why?

This is why. Today, there was more teacher invigilating the students other than me, so instead of the usual formation, they've informed us of the new numbers for formation. So everything had to be reshuffle and start from scratch. But at least now I get to put my finger in it as that now they are starting from scratch, I get to add some steps to the formation. Let's just wait for the results of my tempering.. Hahahaha!

By the way, today was the green house formal training day and Tini was selected as some of the teachers giving marks for that house. The concept is teachers from different house have to come and give state scores for the other houses so as there won't be any cheating of scores. Tini, herself is the teacher for the red house.

After the training, I went to our room and got a head start on some of the diary entries that the students' passed up yesterday which I didn't manage to finish by yesterday. While I was checking their entries, I was eating the breakfast I whipped up before coming to school...

Fried rice. But today's fried rice doesn't taste quite good as I kept it in the tupper-ware right after
 it was done resulting in the steam from the heat rose to the lid and condense to become liquid once more and fell on the rice, making it all soggy..... bluuerrgghhh..

Today's lesson was finally the first lesson that I managed to finish every stages in time and so I was happy. After that, it was time to figure out how to teach the 1A classes as today was the official day I will be starting to teach their classes. I had to crack up my brain which haven't been functioning for quite some time to write deductive lesson plans as the recent lesson plans are inductive lesson plans. It is all because of the previous teacher's teaching. Encik Ahmad taught the class deductively and it is kind of a bit unorganized of how am I supposed to teach which grammar which and which would be next. Resulting to that, I spent most of my time in the afternoon figuring out how to write a lesson  for that class....

While I was cracking my brain thinking of how to do the lesson, Tini was playing the Supermarket Mania as she had done all the lesson plan for the week and that today (Wednesday) is the her new free day instead of the Friday and Monday before. Damn, that was a frustrating sight ... (>_<)

Anyway, I wouldn't say that today's lesson on 1A is a total failure, it's just that I had no actual guidelines as to what am I supposed to teach them. Should I pick up from where En. Ahmad left or start a whole new way.... So I ended up giving them exercises on articles and give them exercises from the textbook. I know I'm gonna have one big headache tomorrow trying to write that lesson plan down..... Aiyah...

For the past two days, there is particularly one big fish in the school's fish pond that kind of creeps Tini out and today I finally agreed to take a lot and boy, it really was kind of creepy to see how large it is....

Just look at it. The way that fish swims and keep its mouth open gave us the image of 'swimming and swallowing all the little fishes along the way'. Imagine that we are one of those little fishes. Man, that's creepy.

Finally, our usual quorum wasn't complete for the night of pasar malam as Zi Ling was not at home when we got back. Kak Yong told us that she went out to Damansara with Lim. Which means that I wasn't able to eat my favorite fried yong tow foo at our favorite chinese stall as I don't understand chinese and that the stall owner can speak chinese only. So, you see, there's a language barrier.....

So, today I had to eat other things. Not that I'm complaining. And somehow, there was no gossip spilled or baffled about today but instead, it was all purely academic discussions about lesson plans. The reason why that happened was actually because I was scared of my first observation tomorrow and I was wondering if they could suggests me anything to do with the current chapter of the textbook that I'm dealing. And I'm particularly nervous of this mentor of mine because she seems quite .... meticulous and stern. Wish me luck!!!!!

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