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Nawwar's Wedding at GMI

Okay, long inactive periods of nothingness shall be broken. Well, not inactive. Just no access to the internet to update my blog. Well, I went back to Ampang and since Ampang had no wifi or broadband, there's no manner of internet connection to let me surf the net at all. So let's just catch up shall we? Hmm.. last Saturday, my cousin Nawwar from my mother's side is getting married and we were invited to her wedding which was held at the German Malaysian Institute, GMI for short. For those who are familiar with institution and educational system would've known all about it. Anyway, why she chose that place never even occurred to my train of thoughts but at least the place was awesome. When we arrived at the GMI for the first time, it reminded my first time arriving to UNiSEL and it was all...........very nostalgic except that their Faculties are much closer to each other and not far apart like in unisel where you had to walk like damn hell far and not to mention under the scorching sun.

Okay, enough about that. But at least the hall was splendid. Very spacious indeed. Okay, I am actually not in the mood to type about what actually happened there so just enjoy the photos okay?

So, basically the wedding was a-okay, the food is not that delicious but it should suffice, though I do think that the idea of having it in hall totally ........... I mean like really totally took the hell out of the fun actually. Maybe it is just me....uughh~!

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