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Majlis Doa Selamat and Solat Hajat

Sunday, 26th June was the day that our family did another recent union, just weeks after the first one for the doa selamat ceremony. So, once again, we did another family reunion in accordance to Pak Nonon's birthday, celebarating along Paklong's, Pakdik, and Abg Ayie's belated birthdays. And also for Anjang n Pak Anjang's anniversary.

This time around, I tagged along with Pakdik and Makdik as mother and my little monyetz are out to another's cousin house on my mother side for a open house. Since Makdik and Makdik wanted to help out, we came there quite early at 3pm. Reaching there, there were only Kak Jill, her husband Abg Mad, and their sons. While the others are at the house at the back, another Kenduri Doa Selamat. While waiting for time to past for the other house to  finish their ceremony, I had time playing with Kak Jill's son Amjad.

He can't walk yet but he's trying. And when he does, this is what happens.

Funny right? So adorable.

After a while, I went out to check out Wo's house. Most of the aunties and uncles were there actually, well without their children of course.

After some chit chat, I went back inside of the house to sleep because for some weird reason, I was feeling nauseated from the moment we rode to the house. I was super dizzy and all which I find it quite weird given that I've familiarized myself around air-conditioners from cars and all. That really was weird.

And so I took a rest on the couch. Next thing I knew was that I saw Hariz waking me up for it was almost Maghrib prayer. I got up, took my spare clothes and went to bath. And after a while, it was time to get started with the ceremony. It started with Maghrib Prayer first of course.

Ali sounding the iqamat...

And it was time to pray. After the Maghrib Prayer, we continued with the Solat Hajat. Then Yassin reading, continued with selawat and the doa and finally we ended it with the Isya' prayer.
And it was finally time to get stuffing~ eating of course!

What we had for the night. Some Jimmy's Satay, Nasi Impit, baked pasta, and quite a few desserts.

...and the cakes for that night was sponsored by, Secret Recipe.

So, let's all wish Happy Belated Birthday for these uncles~!!!

....and let the FEAST begins~

It wasn't till so long that when the clock strikes 10pm over, everyone was leaving because all of the adults need to work for tomorrow and all of the children need to go to school tomorrow too. So, adieu.

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