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Ladies and a Half Night

On the previous post, I told you about a little sleep over/slumber party we decided to throw which we decided base solely on the reason of my availability on that night with them and that the fact that we have no need to screw ourselves that night thinking about lesson plans and stuffs as we had already finished writing those already and passed it up to the headmistress.

Moving on, finally we managed to quench our thirst/hunger for the GCB that we've been craving so damn much since the beginning of this week. On my back to their house from Taman Sutera, I stopped by McDonald to buy the ever-so-desired GCB. To my surprise and to Zi Ling too, we even got the McShaker sets for the fries. Whoa, what value is this?!!!

Here's a little quickie on how to McShake ..... hmm..... drastically~ hahaha

After McShaker Fries already gone into the depths of the beastly hungry stomach, it then time for the awaited deli-wait-for-it-cious GCB!!!!

It was as damn delicious as we remembered it to be~!!!  So greasy and oily, the chicken is so tender and juicy. The sweetness, the taste, everything it just a little slice oh heaven. While we were busy eating, Tini got a head start with the supposed to be our late supper snack, the bread pudding she mentioned about in the evening. She wanted to start first because it might take some time to let the pudding cool off and shape into form it's better to start early.

After a while, we helped her with the bread pudding. Decorating and stuffs. It's actually quite fun during the decorating part. It's like drawing on a soft liquid mixture where you can draw tons and tons of stuff. It was really fun. After decorating the mixture, we left it to cool in the fridge. Then it's finally time to get noisy and bitchy for quite some time.

 Complimentary french toast cooked by Tini as snacks to be gobbled up anytime we feel like grabbing something to eat. We set up the front table all nice and clean for the night. There's sauce for the french toast, some cards, laptops by the side for Tini and I to play the FB game, jug of vegetable juice, and a whole lot of juicy topics to be spread around for the night. Non-educational of course! Hahahahah!!!

I could barely remember lots of the topic that we talked about that night because most of it was pure crap. But for all and all, it was really fun. And it got interesting when Zi Ling taught us of  fortune-reading using cards. It really was interesting. A lot of silly questions were asked to be proven right or wrong or how high is the possibility of something happening in the future. It really was fun!!! I even learnt how to do it.

It really is quite a nice trick. Not a 'trick' trick, a good kind of trick to know something about the future. Perhaps I would soon go crazy and buy a deck of tarot cards and learn how to read future through it. I know, it's offensive and sinful for Muslim to believe in those, but it won't hurt to play around, right?

Near midnight, Tini took out the pudding from the fridge and it was done. Man, those were super sweet!!! When I say super sweet, for them it is super duper too sweet. Yup! But I like sweet things so I really got kind of caught up of eating them. They were not too gooey or too hard, just the right amount softness and stickiness. Very delicious! It tastes wonderful! You can still taste the bread and you can even taste the egg inside of it. Those were really delicious. I ought to learn how to do it from Tini. The night continues for quite a while with more chatter about face products and a few more topics until Zi Ling started to feel sleepy and wanted to go to bed already. After that, it was Tini and I left talking to each other while playing games in Facebook whilst listening to songs. It lasted for quite a while.. until 3am over when we started to feel sleepy. It was then we decided to hit the sacks.

So, I guess that was it for our ladies and a half night~


  1. long time didnt eat McD already..
    craving for it now.. hehe..


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