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Holiday Catch up

Okay, updates on the two-weeks holiday.

The first weekend I went back to Ampang for both my cousin's wedding and my other cousin's birthday party. Then on the next day, I went back to Taman Sutera because of the internet access available and to do some of my term paper work with the availability of that internet access. Until Thursday which before I went back to Ampang, I stopped by JCS (Jusco Cheras Selatan. From now on, I'll just refer it as that cause I know I'll be going there a lot more nowadays.) to watch X-Men : First Class as it was the first day of its release. After the movie, I went back to Ampang. Stayed at Ampang until Tuesday afternoon where before I left, I watched X-Men, again but this time around with Atiem as she desperately asked me to accompany her and since the movie is good, I don't mind going again.

After the movie, we hang out at Old Town until Myra came back from work and we chat for quite some time, catching up on her love life, Atim's busy life and blah blah blah. It was then after that that I finally left back for Kajang. Another chain of nothingness except watching episodes of Charmed one after another attempting to finish my Charmathon which have been taking quite some time because there's eight seasons altogether and each season provides about 22 to 25 episodes and each episode lasted about 40 to 50 minutes. You do the math to how much time needed to finish all of it and plus all the time I went out to hang out, and do other stuff.

It was then on Thursday that Faiz finally got back to Kajang from Nilai that we decided to hang out and catch a movie. Guess what? We watched X-Men. Yes, once more in close proximity of periods of time that I watch the same movie but still amazed by it. That's how good that movie it is. Well, maybe I'm being a bit biased for the reason that I do love X-Men franchise be it comic books, cartoon or even the movies. I love them all.

Okay, after that, we split up and head back home and I began on my new Marathon. The Big Bang Theory Marathon. Season one to four (which I've acquired from Faiz). That'll keep me busy for at least one to two days (being Friday and Saturday as we planned to go out for Pizza on Sunday (my cravings, not his). So, that's it I guess? Next post shall be about Sunday.

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