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Bread Pudding (Tinie Style)

For the slumber party that Friday night, we had this sweet bread pudding made by Tini. I have never eaten bread puddings before and I told her I would love to try some. So she decided to made some.

Ingredients needed :

- 8 cups of water
- 1 pack of gelatin
- 1 loaf of bread
- 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
- 1 egg
- salt
- cooking chocolate

First of all, cut out the crust of the bread leaving the clean white inside.
Chop into several pieces so that it may fit into the blender.

Then pour 4 cups of water into the blender along with the bread and blend.

Blend the mixture until smooth. For the next step, you either have to take out half of the blended mixture out if you have a regular size blender or just add in the can of sweetened condensed milk and an egg into it. If not, pour out half of the mixture to make room for the milk  and the egg because if you didn't it will overflow.
Once you add in the milk and egg, blend once more.

Next, in a pan, heat up that another four cups of water with the gelatin. Let it simmer for a while keeping an eye on it. Keep stirring until the gelatin has completely dissolve in the boiling water.

Once the gelatin dissolve and the water is starting to boil, pour in the blended mixture. 

All of it, even the ones that was taken out to make room for the milk and egg.

Okay, while the mixture is cooking on the pot, its time to do the chocolate sauce.
It's really simple, if you have cooking chocolates, melt the chocolate in the double boiler and wait for the next step. But unlike us, we didn't have cooking chocolates. But instead, we substitute it with milo.

We took a couple spoon of milo and pour in a little bit hot water into it. Like a teaspoon or so of hot water. And we just mix it up and it'll become like a melted chocolate too. 

Okay, back to the mixture, cook it for a while until it become thick. Not too thick but just thick and a wee bit sticky. Or if you want, take a spoon, scoop out the pudding, and taste it. If it tasted good and well cooked and not too floury, then it's okay. If not, let it cook for a while longer.

Place it in any container you like. Mostly a large tupperware would be best.

Now, the fun part begins. It is time to decorate the pudding. This will be more of an art lesson. You want the pudding to look nice and attractive enough to be eaten.

Take a spoon and begin dripping the chocolate mixture into the pudding.

Next, take a chopstick or a stick, preferably clean of course and begin drawing. Imagine the chocolate like ink and the stick is like quill. And the rest is all up to your imagination.

 Once you're satisfied with how it looks like, put in the fridge and let it cool down.
And you can serve it out anytime after that. It is much more delicious to be eaten when it's cold.

SO, have fun and good luck!


  1. very creative patterns on top of the pudding.

  2. Looks like so much fun in the process in making it and looks yummy!! :D

  3. nava : it's all in the head.. u can even draw what u want. haahhahhaha

    lindy : it is fun!!!!


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