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Practicum : Day 37, June 30th

Today actually started pretty well I tell you. Everything was super peachy from the moment that I woke up at 6.20am or so. I got up, did some strecthing and didn't even went back to sleep. Pack up my stuff early for faster organization. Took a bath, pick up all my things and load it on the bike. But before I left, I managed to reheat myself the dishes from yesterday for today's lunch. Then I went to school and the time was perfect that I got there, Tini was also heading to the school too. We walked together to the sukantara and I stayed there for a while.

Practicum : Day 36, June 29th

Uggghhhh I am so mad at myself. I was supposed to take pictures for today's sports event at the school but I arrived late. Why? Actually, I had woken up at 6.20am. To kill some time before moving out from the house, I decided to surf the net for a while. But the internet was down (weird?!) so I accidentally lie down on the floor. While I was lying down, I accidentally fell asleep. And guess what time did I woke up? 8.20am. Daaaammmmnnnn!! The sports event started at 8am and I was damn late already. Don't tell anyone but I skipped the morning shower and just packed everything in a rush to head to school. I even forgot to take out the trash, switch off the wireless connection in the house and do the dishes. Well, at least I make it to the school just in time for a lot more sections such as the disc-throwing, spear-throwing, bullet-throwing, high jump, far jump and the 4x400 sprint. The only ones that I missed was the 100m sprint for both boys and girls sections. Here are some of the photos I've taken today.

Practicum : Day 35, June 28th

Finally, after a couple of days of coming in late for the parade drill since last week, I finally managed to come early today. Right after 8.10am. And it was just starting, so not that late, right? If you look at the picture above, there's something or at least someone different in that formation. Who was it? It's this guy.

Practicum : Day 34, June 27th

Man, it was cold this morning. I was woken up by the chilly atmosphere caused by the prolonged rain. And because of that same damn prolonged rain, I had to delay my departure to school. It took quite some time actually. I had to leave the house after 10am over. Which led me to the school about 11am or so. I did remembered that I punched in at 11.05am or something.

Majlis Doa Selamat and Solat Hajat

Sunday, 26th June was the day that our family did another recent union, just weeks after the first one for the doa selamat ceremony. So, once again, we did another family reunion in accordance to Pak Nonon's birthday, celebarating along Paklong's, Pakdik, and Abg Ayie's belated birthdays. And also for Anjang n Pak Anjang's anniversary.

Practicum : Day 33, June 25th

Another Saturday stolen from the supposed to be relaxation. Okay, I've got to stop blaming the school for taking Saturday morning of the relaxation period. It is the responsibility of a teacher to sacrifice his life for education *sarcastic*.

Bread Pudding (Tinie Style)

For the slumber party that Friday night, we had this sweet bread pudding made by Tini. I have never eaten bread puddings before and I told her I would love to try some. So she decided to made some.

Ingredients needed :

- 8 cups of water
- 1 pack of gelatin
- 1 loaf of bread
- 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
- 1 egg
- salt
- cooking chocolate

Ladies and a Half Night

On the previous post, I told you about a little sleep over/slumber party we decided to throw which we decided base solely on the reason of my availability on that night with them and that the fact that we have no need to screw ourselves that night thinking about lesson plans and stuffs as we had already finished writing those already and passed it up to the headmistress.

Moving on, finally we managed to quench our thirst/hunger for the GCB that we've been craving so damn much since the beginning of this week. On my back to their house from Taman Sutera, I stopped by McDonald to buy the ever-so-desired GCB. To my surprise and to Zi Ling too, we even got the McShaker sets for the fries. Whoa, what value is this?!!!

Practicum : Day 32, June 24th

Last night was really a bliss for me as I have no lesson plans to write for the mean time as I have finished writing all the lesson plans needed for this week only that I haven't done any weekly journal yet. So, I slept kind of early despite the bad internet connection at home last night. To that reason, I woke up early before 7am this morning. But I didn't woke up directly as I kept on rolling on my bed, trying to get a little bit more sleep. I did that for a while until I decided to got up and surfed the net. It was then that I got too side-tracked with Facebook that I almost spent so much time there that the time was already 8am. Again, I got late to the school...

Practicum : Day 31, June 23rd

Daaaannnggg! Because my brain was all hyped last night and spend quite some time after 12am writing not one, not two, but FOUR lesson plans one after another, I was wide awake until 4am which then I decided to get some sleep in hopes that I could at least sleep at least two to four hours before waking up early to hit to the school for the parade drill. But unfortunately I woke up at 8.50am over which makes me stumbling to pack everything up and get ready to go to school. I finally arrived at school by 9.20am which is fortunately earlier than the students because they had sports training before the drill.

Practicum : Day 30, June 22nd

 Because of the frustration from the internet speed last night, I decided to sleep earlier in hopes that I could wake up early this morning to find the crossword puzzles that I was supposed to find for the language month activity. Well ,thank goodness that I did woke up early at 6am and there idea struck me that instead of searching for crossword puzzles and be disappointed once more, I decided to write my own. Well, using a puzzle maker app in the internet of course. Hahahaha..

After finally finishing all those crossword puzzles, I got up and ready to go to school for the marching parade drill at school like yesterday and the day before. But before that, I managed to cooked myself a breakfast - Nasi Goreng.

But as usual, after doing some of those chores in the morning, I arrived at 9am instead of the appointed time of 8.30am to school. But today, everything was messed up. Why?

Practicum : Day 29, June 21st

Last week I started monitoring the students from the Yellow house and this week, I'm entitled to go and invigilate their progress too. That brings me another burden of having to wake up earlier than I am used to.. which is earlier than 8am because the students starts training at 8am over and I usually woke up at 8am. Dang. So today I woke up at 8am. And guess what, I am late. So I rushed doing everything like I'm used to only for the exception of printing lesson plans because I have not written any. I reheated the leftovers and pack it over to go to school as I don't have much time to be eating first.

Practicum : Day 28, June 20th

Most of my time today from the moment I woke up until the end of school was updating my blog and uploading photos to Facebook. What do you expect, a three days worth of blog post and a total of more than 600 pictures taken in those three days. From loading the pictures into the blog, writing, and then waiting for facebook to upload another batch of photos. That took quite some time. Each blog post was spent about more than two hours. To load the photos, to arrange them, and two blog at the same time. Then while writing, Facebook is uploading the pictures. 100++ pictures took about 80 minutes to be uploaded, due to the slow internet access....

Since I was practically absent on Friday, I was not in the office to accept their homework but some of them did pass up on Friday and I ended up marking those that send in their work... well only a few....

PRS Excel Training Camp : Day 3

The third day started with a marching competition between each groups are groups with the best and finest, sharpest movement will get the highest marks.


PRS Excel Training Camp : Day 2

Okay, let's see. Day two. It started off with the students being routed for marching drill during the cold and breezy morning. huff huff puff puff~!!

PRS Excel Training Camp : Day 1

Friday afternoon before 2pm - I was at the girls' house relaxing after some tiring marching drill for the students' parade competition later July on the Sports day. While Zi Ling and Kak Yong are busy packing their things. I was in front in their living room, puffing and puffing away....

I left their house at 2.15pm, went to the teachers room, took some quick bite of all the marvelous food (refer previous post) and head over to the front gate once more by 3pm to see that the bus was already waiting for us.

Practicum : Day 27, June 17th

As I got three more post which includes a freaking whole lots more of pictures during the camping last weekend, I'll just cut this one short okay?

Friday morning I had to come early to school to invigilate the students from the Yellow house who'll be parading later during the Sports Day in July. It was fun once in a while to torture students to march drill instead of doing it like last semester's holiday during the practicum course where we had to march drill but much more insanely tiring and under the blazing heat of the scorching sun in Unisel.

Practicum : Day 26, June 16th

Gasp, I woke up late at 8am sharp this morning whereas I was supposed to be at school at 8am sharp for the Sukantara Athlete Selection Training for yellow house. Yikes! I did not had any breakfast at all, just took a shower, get dressed, pack up my things and vrrooommm vrroommm I went. I arrived at school about 8.40am. I met up with the head of the house and she asked me take time for sprinters, help with the 'lompat jauh' part and the marching parade.

Practicum : Day 25, June 15th

As it turns out today, I practically had nothing to do. Well, technically yes, I still do have a class but the class is at the far end of the day, the last period where those dumb-dumb students could ever think about is going back home and since yesterday's lesson was put on hold because I had lost control over the students yesterday, I have no need to write a new lesson plan, just continue the same lesson plan. Okay, more about that later on.

Practicum : Day 24, June 14th

I got up late today and had to rushed everything over during the fixed interval of time after I woke up and took a shower to the moment I had to leave the house for school. Multitasking I did, from printing lesson plan to reheating leftovers to printing paper again to eating to printing paper once more to cleaning the dishes to printing some more to packing my things and finally printing some more papers. Boy, it was hectic.

And I did came to school a bit close to shave as I punched in at 12.50pm. That was late enough for me. My record never exceed 12.50pm before this and I planned to do so. Unless Friday of course, because of the Jumaat prayers.

Practicum : Day 23, June 13th

Finally break is over and it is now time to start doing all those mind-buzzing dire tasks such as lesson plan writing, journals and the best part of it all, the actual teaching in class. In one way, I did miss my students quite a lot! Those that are noisy, those that aren't, those that are naughty, those that are passive, those that funny, and those that are entertaining. Yes, I know, that doesn't sound like me at all. I've been trying to convince myself not to get attached to it but guess its too late for petty remorse now, don't you think. So, let's get this day over with.

Pizza and French Onion Soup Story

Okay, let's see. On the previous post I mentioned about going out on Sunday to satisfy my cravings for Pizza. So we decided to hit Tesco for Pizza Hut instead of the actual plan of Domino because both of us aren't that familiar with what kind of pizza do they have and that they're more of a delivery-eat-at-home kind of pizza than dine-in kind of pizza parlor. So I don't mind really. Another reason why we chose Tesco was that we were thinking of making something or rather cooking something for dinner. Faiz told me of this French Onion Soup dish that he had tried to make before and he said it was good. I thought it would be a good idea to have that as dinner. So, the reason was that we could buy some of the groceries needed to make that dish and perhaps another dish as well.

But before we proceed with that, I would just want to express my weird understanding of the dream I had earlier that night. The dream was super scary, I tell you. It was like so real, more or so, a premonition. I foresaw a future of wasteland and ruined buildings everywhere and us humans are hiding in every nooks and cranny or any hidden spot as we can to survive. Survive? From what? From an invading extra terrestrial colony that is terrorizing the world with their sharp claws and hideous looks. And the worst part of all is that it can shape-shift into human form to deceive us and struck us when we're aware. I remembered a lot of running, hiding and fighting those monstrous beast and the last thing I remembered before I woke up was that I was in large group of human trying to hide in an abandoned auditorium only to found out that one of us was actually them disguising to know our location. Once we took care of that impostor, a swarm of those vile creatures surrounded the auditorium and we were fighting to our deaths until I was finally woken up by the sound of phone ringing. The End. Hahaha. I actually wish that I could continue that dream again tonight.

Holiday Catch up

Okay, updates on the two-weeks holiday.

The first weekend I went back to Ampang for both my cousin's wedding and my other cousin's birthday party. Then on the next day, I went back to Taman Sutera because of the internet access available and to do some of my term paper work with the availability of that internet access. Until Thursday which before I went back to Ampang, I stopped by JCS (Jusco Cheras Selatan. From now on, I'll just refer it as that cause I know I'll be going there a lot more nowadays.) to watch X-Men : First Class as it was the first day of its release. After the movie, I went back to Ampang. Stayed at Ampang until Tuesday afternoon where before I left, I watched X-Men, again but this time around with Atiem as she desperately asked me to accompany her and since the movie is good, I don't mind going again.

After the movie, we hang out at Old Town until Myra came back from work and we chat for quite some time, catching up on her love life, Atim's busy life and blah blah blah. It was then after that that I finally left back for Kajang. Another chain of nothingness except watching episodes of Charmed one after another attempting to finish my Charmathon which have been taking quite some time because there's eight seasons altogether and each season provides about 22 to 25 episodes and each episode lasted about 40 to 50 minutes. You do the math to how much time needed to finish all of it and plus all the time I went out to hang out, and do other stuff.

It was then on Thursday that Faiz finally got back to Kajang from Nilai that we decided to hang out and catch a movie. Guess what? We watched X-Men. Yes, once more in close proximity of periods of time that I watch the same movie but still amazed by it. That's how good that movie it is. Well, maybe I'm being a bit biased for the reason that I do love X-Men franchise be it comic books, cartoon or even the movies. I love them all.

Take up Engineering

Okay, here's some more catching up. As you all might or might have not know, my little brother, the used-to-be troublemaker has suddenly light up on education and agreed to further his studies rather than just loitering around with friends or finding part time jobs anywhere. He agreed to further his study after careful consideration. How delightful we (my mom and I) to hear that. And furthermore, after successful diplomacy, we managed to convince him to take up an engineering course in GMI. That is such a wonderful news.

He'll start in July and go for a three year diploma program.

Syakira's Birthday

Cute right?! That is what I wanted to buy for my cousin for her birthday last week Sunday, the day after Nawwar's Wedding but the problem is when I saw the price, I just choked! Hahahahaha!

So, last minute-shopping for my cousin's birthday was this post is all about. My auntie (the nice one, of course) asked me to accompany her find some present for her niece (my cousin), Syakira. And I don't know why but when it comes to gifts, my head will always pop out KLCC as a perfect place to find gifts though there are tons more malls to choose from. So, first place to go was Memory Lane for cards.

Nawwar's Wedding at GMI

Okay, long inactive periods of nothingness shall be broken. Well, not inactive. Just no access to the internet to update my blog. Well, I went back to Ampang and since Ampang had no wifi or broadband, there's no manner of internet connection to let me surf the net at all. So let's just catch up shall we? Hmm.. last Saturday, my cousin Nawwar from my mother's side is getting married and we were invited to her wedding which was held at the German Malaysian Institute, GMI for short. For those who are familiar with institution and educational system would've known all about it. Anyway, why she chose that place never even occurred to my train of thoughts but at least the place was awesome. When we arrived at the GMI for the first time, it reminded my first time arriving to UNiSEL and it was all...........very nostalgic except that their Faculties are much closer to each other and not far apart like in unisel where you had to walk like damn hell far and not to mention under the scorching sun.

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