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Wesak Day Plus Steamboat

I've never actually finds out what Wesak Day is for actually. All I knew is that it is celebrated by the Sabahans and/or the Sarawakians. My knowledge is really shallow I tell you. So, everyone was having the day off, whether be it was going out with the family and friends, going out on a date or just hang out, picnic, or whatever (fill in the blanks, too many things). What did I do on that day? Stimboat party!!!!

The girls decided to do a stimboat makan-makan in order to celebrate the day and to celebrate the coming of exams, meaning that we will be totally relaxed for two weeks because there's no need for lesson plan writing and teaching. AAAaaahhh such bliss!

Okay, so of course when you do this kind of thing you need to have quite a lot of food for people to eat. And since we were kind of low on cash, I called my money to bank-in RM50 just for this makan-makan thing and she was kind enough to give it to me. So I went to the Tesco and went some grocery shopping~!!!

For usual, people would get those sausages, fish balls, chicken meatballs, beef balls, fish cake, crab meat sticks, and a lot more. But our serving only requires things that we like so I just bought only crab meat (I love those so much), chicken meat balls, fish cakes and some fish balls because that is what they asked me to buy.

Next, a steamboat or a hotplate won't do without some veggies to accompany along with the meats and nutrients. We also need some vitamins. But being those who doesn't eat vegetables that much, we didn't bought too much of a veggie. The only ones we had are capsicums and cabbages.

 Now this part is sometimes a must have ingredient for a steamboat. Meats and sea foods. But since we're low on cash and those things kind of costs way too expensive (especially the seafoods), we decided to skip it and just eat the plain stuff. It still suffice.

And some sauces for dipping. Normally it is either plain chili sauce or Thai chili sauce because of the sweetness or in our case, Zi Ling made her own homemade sauce which tasted quite good, if I may so myself.

After I'm done with the grocery shopping, I rode straight away to Semenyih to their house and gave them the ingredients to be prepared.

The soup was also a homemade soup mixture some vegetables which tasted not bad!

After a while, we're ready to start our party~!!! Hahahaha!

 These pan-noodle like noodle is very delicious. Courtesy of Zi Ling of course.

We could have all these thanks to my mom. Thanks, mom!!! 

And these were the homemade sauces. The black chili sauce is god damn delicious!!!

Chow Time!!!!!

We were having so much fun!! Talking, laughing, fighting over which food tasted better and how we berebut with each other to get the food. Especially the crab meat. I'm having this dispute with Kak Yong because we both took quite a number of crab meat. Hahahahaha!

It was so much fun. We stopped eating after about an hour and we continued talking. We were having so much fun talking, gossiping, and laughing till we didn't realized it was already 1am. 1AM weyh.... in the morning. Did you know what time we started eating and stopped eating? We started eating at 5pm, stopped eating at 6pm and we continued talking until it was 1am... oh my god. I can't remember the last time I did something like that, staying awake to talk non-stop. God, it was utter bliss!


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