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Teacher's Day Off - Priest

Now, who says that a teacher can't have fun and a relaxation day doing nothing but crazy things like we're not a teacher at all? Well, whoever said that teachers are boring people, then let us prove you guys are wrong.

Unlike me, who went back to KL to catch a movie with Myra or with Faiz, these three girls (Tini, Kak yong, and Zi Ling) felt bored on the weekends and it was already three weeks that they haven't gone out and they're pretty restless. So, Tini asked me to take my mom's car and go out. It doesn't have to be far or anything so we thought that Jusco Cheras Selatan is by far the nearest hip mall that have everything: movies, fast foods, shopping, entertainment and all. My main purpose for this outing was to catch the movie Priest. Seeing that it was a Sunday and on weekends, people would flood in shopping malls everywhere and chances that movie tickets will be sold out fast is a sure thing. I told them that we would go there early. We move out at 9am over and got there at about 9.30pm over. But Jusco wasn't opened yet, so we did some cam-whoring session!

After a while, finally it was opened and our first destination and stop is nothing else but the TGV to buy our tickets first!

Well, we got great seats fro the movie but the screening is on .230pm, that leaves us with lots of time to go around, shopping and eat till we drop. Although my other intention was to do a movie-marathon for the movie Pirates of The Caribbean too. But since all of them aren't interested and Faiz wasn't in a very good financial mode, we decided to give it another go next time.

As everyone was damn starving, our next stop would be to eat. We did however have quite a hard time picking out places as we were already too often eating at McDonald's and KFC, let alone Pizza Hut. And since we've tried Johnny's a couple weeks back here in the same Jusco, we thought maybe we wanted to try something else. I suggested Ichiban Ramen because they served rice too seeing that Tini wanted to eat rice. But knowing Ichiban Ramen, everyone would have to prepare RM20++ per head and since not everyone is willing to spend that much for a brunch, we tilted over to another location. Tini suggested this Fruit Land shop. And since all of us never eaten there before, we decided to give it a try. Read all about our experience eating there.

Now, if you've read my previous blog post on the Sunday I watched Thor with Faiz here at the same location, I've talked about Sunday being a day where most items in the market are being given as free samples and nothing makes me happier than having free food! I was really enthusiastic and even dragged all of them to go with me and eat those free samples too!

Mission accomplished and even better. We got bonus round during that free sampling stage. Not more free samples, but free cute guy's phone number.. hehehehehe! I'm not telling you guys about this. If you want to know, ask Zi Ling. Buzz her on he Facebook page (that is, if you could find it first).

Unlike Faiz and I who went out to catch a movie on that day, these girls were thinking of shopping. Tini wanted a handbag and a scarf as a birthday present for her friend, Zi Ling and Kak Yong were looking for shoes and presents for the Teachers' Day (Tini and I already bought our present last weekend).

Now, this is the next crazy thing we did. We went to the Starbucks. Yes, that's a common and plain thing to do. But wait till you scroll down a lil bit more.

Aiyaaaahhh.. this woman arrr.. I tell you.. so OBSESSED with Starbuks's drinks!

Okay, see these three bottles of sprinklers? (I'm not sure if I can call it that.. let's just call it that for now okay?) Most people would take it and sprinkle a little on their drinks to add some more flavor. But CRAZY people like us do no such things like sprinkling a bit only, we were sprinkling those things like crazy. Whether be it Chocolate, Cinnamon or Vanilla, we did it all!!!

And the thing is that we're not doing it on moderation. Every time before we took a sip of our drinks. I knew that the baristas in the Starbucks were looking at us playing with that thing but we as customers are allowed to do those things!!! Hahahahaha!!

This time around, I tried a different drink than my usual Chocolate Cream Chip Frappucino and Caramel Macchiato or Caramel Latte. I tried this Iced Signature Chocolate suggested by Zi Ling. And damn it was good!!! After the crazy period at Starbucks, we went to Body shop for some perfume testing which actually we didn't bought anything turning the sister worker there act like a total bitch at us. hmph! After Body Shop, we went to Watsons and check out things.

I wasn't quite sure at first when Faiz asked me to take a picture of this thing..... 

....but after that shot, I understood. I think you're clever enough to figure it out on your own.

After Watsons, it was finally time for screening. We head up, and bought our standard regular popcorns and drinks. And guess what? Kak Yong bought a large popcorn and we didn't know that large-sized was really THAT large. Just look at it. Even I can't finish all of those popcorns alone! Kak Yong really surprised us all.

The movie Priest was actually not a bad movie but not really a good movie. The trailers speak more than what the actual movie is. The trailer promises lots of action and exciting scenes but most of the time, we'd be plastered with boring talks and history and preaching from the clergies and the priest. It has a good beginning, attracting the viewers with an anecdote and using cartoons as an attention drawer. I was drawn to it and felt it was impressive and interesting. But after a while, the movie gets a bit slow and boring. The ending of the movie is much like those hanging movies where the hero doesn't actually finishes his/her job but continuing the journey to purify the world from evil creatures.

Trivia about the movie on Vampires. No, they are not awake on the day like stupid Cullens, they don't glitter when they're exposed to sunlight but instead they burned, and they definitely don't look like human at all. As a matter of fact, they're hideous monstrous beast with fangs who doesn't own a pair of eyes as eyes are believed to be doors to the soul and since these foul creatures doesn't have a soul, thus explains the absence of the eyes. And they turn humans into familiars, who do their bidding during the day and instead of turning those bitten into vampires too. Only one human vampire like those you see in movies nowadays appeared in the movie. One and only and he died pitifully scorched by the flames of explosion. How pathetic. You would at least expected that a hybrid of the Queen's Vampire blood and human body would create a stronger being (yes, he is strong) but to die just by being hit by flames is just pathetic.

After the movie, we split up between into two pairs. Tini and I, Kak yong and Zi Ling. Faiz already left after the movie because it was showing signs that rain is coming down and since he's riding a motorcycle, he needs to leave at that moment if now, he would be drenched in the rain during riding back home. Splitting up, we took care of each other's business and after that, it was time to leave. And that concludes our Teacher's Day Off - Priest.

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