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Semuhsin, stands for Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Engku Hussein in Semenyih. That's the location of my practicum designated school. Obviously, we have never been to the school and only heard of it from Zi Ling's boyfriend... Lim because he was an ex-student there and he sang many praises bout the school. So we finally decided to check the school out and see it for ourselves.

This event took place two or three weeks ago. I rushed off to Unisel at 5am and manages to get inside the parking lot nearby the hostel by 6am and took a quite nap before the girls get ready and come down from their hostel. Tini, woke me up when she got to the car and we waited for Saraya and Zi Ling. Once the party was completed. We head over to the McDonald's in Puncak Alam for brekkie.

After breakfast, Lim we tried calling Lim about which direction to take and he suggested us to take the highway from Shah Alam. So, I drove by using that road and guess what..................we got LOST. Well, technically, it's me who got lost since the other three was sound asleep in the car and doesn't even realize that we were heading into a wrong direction and got lost somehow.

After almost an hour, finally I got us back on the right track from Cheras to Kajang. We stopped by Kajang first because Tini wanted to go to the Bank Islam since she haven't paid the registration fee and register.

After we finished that little matter, we finally head on to Semenyih to have a look at the school...
and to our surprise.....

the school was SCARY!!!!!!!
not ghost kind of scary but....other kind of scary. The old buildings, the somehow gangster-istic students, the facilities, the teachers .... to cut it short, we were shocked as hell. It was not like what I or even they expected. This school really pictures rural well.

When we arrive at the school, they were having an assembly and most of the teachers are preoccupied with other matters so we ended up having to wait for a while. While waiting, we did inspect some of the school facilities but one thing is for sure. It sure as hell is hot there. The heat there is the same when we were in Unisel. I was bathe in sweats and my head was starting to get dizzy at that moment.

But after we got the chance to talk to the principal, we found out that is not such a bad school after all and the headmistress is actually pretty nice and kind. She even offered us to stay at the school dorm for free if we wanted but somehow, there were no more room for the girls to stay in the dorm and she offered the nursing room as a substitute for it. We refused that offer and decided to find a place on our own. The headmistress then called an ex-teacher from that school and that teacher agreed to rent her house which is quite nearby to the school for the girls. How lucky. The problem at that time, was me. But I'm not gonna talk about that, it's pretty darn long story.

So, here we are, SEMUHSIN, hope you'll like us!

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