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Practicum : Day 9, May 12th

Because of the Pasar Malam last night, and I got home quite late.. almost eleven and by the time I reached home, I was exhausted. I did however forced myself to finish writing two lesson plan for today's lesson. And I got distracted with the Frontierville game... ehehehe.. So I kinda slept at later time. 
And finally, after a four day streak of waking up early, I woke up late today. Although I wasn't supposed to be late today because there was a meeting held between all the teachers in the conference room today that started at 11.30am. Just imagine, I woke up at 10am over and I had like less than an hour to get dressed, print my lesson plans, and have breakfast.

 And that was the time I finally started to multi-task (although I do admit I haven't been multi-tasking for quite a while already). I went down, saw the leftovers in the oven (which was supposed to be my dinner last night but since I ate at the girls' house, I was too full to eat it that night), crack up the heat and started warming the food.

While the food is warming up, I switched on the printer, start queuing the printer to print the lesson plans and I rushed off upstairs and took a shower and get dressed. By the time I came down, the lesson plans had been printed and the food was already warmed up.

That's my breakfast. Uhh.. I don't know what the other ingredients are besides the macaronis, but I do can tell that it is very delicious. It is like Nasi Goreng but not exactly Nasi Goreng only that the difference was that it was baked instead of being stir-fried.

After eating, I cleaned up everything, packed my things and rushed out of the house. Unfortunately for me, I didn't even check out the time before I left and all I know of that I might still make it before 12pm. But looks like I was wrong. I arrived at 12.20pm over and the conference room was already jam-packed with lots of teacher.

I took a chair and sat down, and saw Tini on the other side of the room surrounded by other lady teachers, so I wouldn't dare to go and sit next to her.  We sat in the meeting for like an hour or so. Although I do admit that the meeting was kind of boring and it actually had nothing to do with us because it was a meeting about a new application of whatever thingy for next year.

As soon as the bell rang, the teachers disperse for the moment leaving a brief moment for me to chat up with Tini and she passed me the relief class memo to me. Looks like I had a busy day though. Then Tini took off to her class and then came in Zi Ling and Kak Yong. I decided to leave and prepare myself for the relief class.

Oh my god, you can't tell how frustrated I was today teaching at the Wafi class. The students are like really testing my patience. Even the Cekal class wasn't all that challenging. These Wafi students are like disrespecting me, talking back to me when I teach, and even refuses to do the work I assigned them to. How I wish to have a mix class so damn much than just a Malay class. Cause you see, the Wafi class is like an Arabic class where the students are all Malays and their focus is in Islamic education (Arabic language, Fiqh, Sirah, and so on).

Ahhhhhh!!! Now I really am frustrated... I don't want to be biased but I like my Cekal class much better....

Anyway, I was busy the whole day with classes and relief classes that the only time I manage to see Tini again was one hour before school finishes. We were both laughing and chatting while marking our students' work. It never gets boring. Well, maybe for now.

It was raining when school ended. I had to course through the pouring rain like the day before. Aiyah...and I did forget to bring my raincoat today also. And to make matters worse, the motorcycle's engine wouldn't get started. I had to waste like 10 minutes trying to start the engine under the pouring rain. Damn, what rotten luck.

After I finally got the engine to start, I rush out of the area, stopped by Maybank to withdraw some money ( whom a very generous person, not lent, but give. Yes, you heard me right. GIVE to me all because he read my BB status of me saying I am in a fix of money shortage. Yes, HE.) and head straight to Metro Point. I went there because I wanted to buy a Caramel Macchiato at the Starbucks mentioned by Faiz a couple days back. I told him to come over there instead of the ususal Maulana maple's. Today, we talked about how situation got bad over at Faiz's school. Because of certain issue, they were 'relieved' of their assigned class for the moment and can only started teaching after the holidays. Pity them soooo much.....


  1. wah..... sudah bergelar cikgu sekarang hehehehe

  2. practicum jerlah babe. itupown dah pening kepala...


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