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Practicum : Day 8, May 11th

Like today, I woke up early at 8am over because I couldn't get quite a good night sleep. Although it may seem like that, I am thankful that by the days, I kept on waking up earlier than the day before. That's a progress that I have to keep and maintain. 

I do have to say, having a printer at home is really something great. I am really thankful to both my uncle and auntie who let me use their printer to print all those lesson plan and activities that I've drafted. Aaah... it makes life a breeze and save money at the same time (especially when money right now is on a dry run...*sigh*).

So, what is for breakfast today? Nope. Not patties or sausages. Nuggets instead!

But you see, I eat my nuggets differently. Well not that I'm a weird person but I have my ways of enjoying nuggets. Here's what I'll do.

I'll chop the nuggets into little pieces and... I'll make a sauce.

1. Melt butter (just a little bit, not too much)
2. Pour a couple table spoon of chili sauce
3. Pour a couple table spoon of mayonnaise
4. Mix it together under low heat till it becomes orange in color
5. And dump in all the chopped nuggets and stir-coat them well.

And there you have it. My way of enjoying nuggets. After breakfast and printing all the lesson plan, I got dressed and head out to the school... but aarrrgghh!!!

See that Chinese mechanic guy? What do you think he's doing to my bike?

He's tending the injury on my bike. Hahahaha! No, to be precise he's repairing my bike. Apparently on my way to the school, my brake pedal's screw had gotten loose and it fell... on the streets. And worse of all, my handle brake also was broken. So I had to stop by a motorcycle shop to get it fixed.

And because of that incident, I was running late to the school. Well, not late as if in really late. I did manage to arrive at the school before 1pm. So in a way, I was still safe. Phewwww..!

Lunch happening as usual but today, finally, Tini decided to eat rice. Because for the couple days past, she lost her appetite and have not touched rice at all. All she ate was noodles and snacks.

Hey, this school has a slurpee machine! How cool is that!!!! And it's delicious too!

There was also a mini booth opened up next to the canteen selling exercises and revisions book for the students. And it's pretty damn cheap. Most of the books only costs like RM5 to RM10 only. After lunch, Zi Ling and Kak Yong head back home while Tini and I head back to our room. Tini was marking grading her students' homework and one of them, really impressed us.

Just look at it! Creative ain't it? Tini gave a homework where they have to draw a poster on anti-pollution. Where most of the posters are common cliche posters, this one attracted us so much. It really is a piece of art. It's a Chinese girl student's work.

And Tini was very proud of her student. Unlike me, I have yet to get any good 'anything' from my students. And apparently, I'm getting fed up teaching 1 Wafi because of their disrespect to me particularly one girl who, everytime I was teaching, she would make faces and talk in an annoyed tone. Oh how I wish to pull her tudung and slap her. So rude. The others were fine. It is not that I purposely gave them a lot of exercises, it is only because I was worried for their coming exam which will happen next week. Aiyaaah....

Moving on, after school, we decided to go to the Pasar Malam in the neighborhood of the school which is not far from their house. Walking distance of course. Not even more than 100 meter I guess. Since we have never been there to the Pasar Malam, we decided to check it out and see what are foods offered there. 

 Besides, the girls were also looking for food stocks for cooking. And they did bought quite a number of vegetables. However it is weird that we can't find any stall that is selling meat or even chicken, they do have stalls that sell fishes and sea food. How odd.

The Pasar Malam road resembles an upside-down capital letter "T" where the stalls are divided into sections. The left section are the location for Chinese food stalls, while the right section hosted the Non Chinese food (Malays, Indians, and grocery items - vegetables, fishes, fruits, etc), and the downward section provides miscellaneous items such as cellphone accessories, clothes, DVDs and a couple more things.

While we were there, Faiz called me asking whether or not we want to hang out later and I told him that I might not because I was planning to have dinner with the girls. Consequently, he came all the way to Semenyih to join us too.

Cicer Tini, cooking her dish!

Oh yeah, Zi Ling introduced me to a Chinese-style Yong Taw Foo.

Which is different than the normal Yong Taw Foo because instead of boiling or dunking the ingredients into hot stock soup, they fry the ingredients. And surprisingly, it tasted damn good!!!

After dinner, we had so much fun talking about our students. How naughty they were, what funny things we discovered (such as my students' horrendous writing skills, Tini's pampered students, Zi Ling's uber naughty annoying students, Kak Yong's meddlesome and troubled students, and even Faiz's mischievous students). We were laughing all the time. It was fun. Wait, do we sound like school teachers already? OH MY GOD!

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