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Practicum : Day 7, May 10th

I woke up early this morning because I did not get a good night sleep last night. I was tossing and turning like hell and I would woke up every hour or so. And each time, my position changes. Well, I mmg tidor lasak, what to say. Hahahahaha

Anyway, so I woke up and saw this note by the fridge.

Understandable, because last night I ate outside with Faiz at the Garden Cafe in Tesco Kajang after school because I wanted to buy a new slacks cause my one was ripped in the middle. *sigh* that's another one.

So, my auntie actually cooked the meal for last night and saved some for me but since I already last night before I went back home, I was too full to eat it at that moment. So she kept it for my breakfast.

Surprisingly, when I heated the chicken this morning, it still tasted good! And the salad was still crispy and all. Yumm. Since I have finished all my lesson plan writing the night before, I did not waste so much time to get to the school and actually arrived earlier than Tini.

When I got to the school, I saw these teachers feeding the fishes in the small ponds around the school. Now that is very motivating. Even the teachers really do take good care of the school!

When I entered our room, only Kak Yong was present. Zi Ling was at a class, invigilating exams. I went to Zi Ling's laptop and played this game (which I will tell all about it later on). And after a while, Tini came in and Zi Ling too, not long after it. When Zi Ling got back, all she does was nag this and nag that. It was funny!! She was nagging how her students are very naughty and noisy and such meddlesome. Some more she hate it that the class was the bad class, where the students are like rascals.

That nagging session was actually quite funny. 

Okay. What are the main thing happened today ehh...? Oh yeah, since it was Tuesday, I had no class to teach since Tuesday is my free day. I was hoping for relief classes since I was in no mood to draft another lesson plan for the coming class just yet but surprisingly, there was no relief class assigned to me that day, not even to Tini. But Tini do have a class on that day. Her free day is Friday. That is wayyyyy cooler and more advantageous cause she gets to relax and not having to worry about tomorrow's lesson plan or whatever since there's no school on Saturday. Zi Ling's free day is Thursday while Kak Yong... well... she have none. Pity her but at least she got an even amount of classes on every day unlike us who have one day that is packed with classes.

Oh right! In two weeks time, after the mid term exams, the school will be celebrating 'Teacher's Day' and we are listed as official teachers too. Which means that we, all of the teachers in the school will draw lots and we will get a name of one of the teacher in the school. On that day itself, we will have to give the teacher a present. It's like exchanging gifts between teachers. The catch is that the price of the gift must be worth RM10 and above and they restricted from giving food as gifts as there was a case before that a teacher gave a sack of flour and a pack of sugar as gifts. Which is not practical.

So yeah....... what is a suitable present for a teacher (both male and female) which price ranging from RM10 to RM20? Can you guys help me out here?!

Another thing that we have to do during the teacher's day itself was that we, as trainee teacher have to do a performance. As we were told, it has been a long known tradition for trainee teachers who teaches there will have to do a performance and that includes us too. Oh god, performance! What shall we do? A Glee-like performance (suggested by me)? A choral reading (suggested by Zi Ling)? or even a sketch (suggested by Tini)? Well, we leave that to later discussion.

So.... we'll leave that issue there for a while. While Tini was heading out to her class, I transferred the game I was playing on Zi Ling's laptop to her laptop. It's called Supermarket Mania. It's this addictive games which resembles a lot like those Yahoo games such as Diner Dash, Sally's Salon, and all those clicking games which requires good eye, and nimble finger to restore food stocks on the supermarket shelves for customers to buy.

Like most Yahoo games, they're very addictive. I played for quite some time and I didn't even realize time was moving on so fast (it's not like I care because I had no class to teach) until Tini got back from her class. I continued playing until it was already 5pm over and Tini said she wanted to use her laptop. She Facebook-ed for a while and then surprisingly, she also played the game. It's highly addictive.. I assure you.

We were laying back doing our own thing until the bell rang signaling school is over. Oh yeah! I forgot one important thing. Supposedly, early tonight we were going to gather at Tini's house and feast on hot plate because Faiz said he's coming over and Megha and another special guest is coming. So, while Tini and I were at school, Kak Yong and Zi Ling had clean up their house, prepared all the food to welcome them. But darn it.....

It was fucking raining when the school's over!!! So Faiz told us that they couldn't make it. And it didn't happen. And I was really looking up for it. I even ate a little only during lunch to preserve  space for the hot plate dinner. Aiyaaahhh!!!! Curse you rain!

And some more, I did not even brought my raincoat today. I left it at the house because there wasn't enough space in my bike to place the raincoat. Darn it!!!!!

While Tini got a ride from another teacher to her house, I had to ride through the rain all soaking wet. Damnnnn you rain!!!!! You really destroyed my happy moments! I wanted to eat crabstick so damn much using that hot plate!!! Aiyaaaahh!!!!!

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