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Practicum : Day 6, May 9th

Huuuuhh.. okay. What is it that started my day off today. Oh yeah. I check out Nuffnang page and saw this WWWOW awards thingy which I know have been around for quite a while but I didn't have the time to check it out so I finally checked it out today and I'm wondering if I do enter, will I ever win? Because contests like these are hard to win especially with the gazillion number of entrée which I have to beat. And usually when it comes to voting games, I've never been on to receive any vote. I'm just jinxed that way.

So, after a while of thinking. I did submit. But one ... just one. A photo of the chinese girl in my relief class wearing face mask. I did however wanted to enter the video of the year award too but I don't frigging know why but the link I posted was broken or whatever it is that is not functioning, so I gave up on it after a couple of tries. It's damn frustrating.

It is still early.. like 10.45am or so, I went down to cook breakfast as usual. Hm, I decided to change the menu... a wee bit. Instead of sausages with eggs or cheese-mayo bread, I decided to fry some beef patty instead.

...and wrapped in a layer of egg,

.... and sandwiched it between two layers of toast (I heat it the bread in the oven to let it become crispy)...

...and voila. My breakfast. Oh yeah. I did put some chili sauce and mayo between the layers. It wouldn't exactly be a patty if there's no sauce, right? Okay... yada yada yada. I went to school.

 It was Monday and there's an assembly like usual. The only thing which I don't get it that why do they chose to do it in the first period of the evening session? Isn't it like.... freaking hot in the afternoon? Most schools, even my previous schools would do it later in the evening before the school ends because that-a-way, there'll be lots of shade and students won't feel hot.

I asked the Penyelia Petang the same question and the only answer she gave me was that.... "sbb tu kite ade bumbung kat tapak perhimpunan kter..."
uughh...... okay, no debate over that statement... hahaha!

So, every week, they will award the cleanest room amongst each form with prizes, and those with full attendances. That's a way too keep the students motivated. And Last week was actually their PSS Week, or more formerly known as "Minggu Pusat Sumber" and this school had organized quite a lot of contest and competitions for the students and refreshingly, the students are into these kinds of activities. Many took part in the competitions and won great prizes.

They have like reading competition (Nilam), Quizword puzzles, Sudoku Challenge, Pantun Teka-Teki, and a couple more. And you won't believe how creative this school is. Do you know what competition raise quite a number of participants? D.O.T.A. challenge. Yup, those Defense of the Ancients game by Warcraft which many naughty and subliminal  rebellious students turn up for those competitions and behave. What wonders!

Well, actually before heading to the assembly, Tini and I wanted to go and have lunch since she was starving but the bell rang and we had to attend to the assembly. So throughout the whole assembly, we just bare the hunger. When the assembly finished, we went to the canteen for a drink. A drink only cause that is all that Tini can afford to because she had a class right after the assembly. So....

Drink up Teen!!!

After she finish that drink, she left for her class while I stayed at the canteen to wait for her to finish up her class and then we can have our delayed lunch. While we were having our lunch, we talked with the other teacher about students and teaching tips and hints, on what to teach, what to prepare them for the coming tests and all.

After that lunch, it was time for my class. Tini went to our room and I head up to the class. Gosh, teaching them how to write an informal letter was a pain. I wonder why they still don't know how to write one. All I did ask them to write a letter to a friend about you giving a present to someone else. IS it that hard? Well, maybe. For a low level proficiency Form 1 students who doesn't even know how to differentiate between "to" and "too" and how to spell "Don't" and end up writing it up as "Dong". Aiyaaahhh!!!!

I asked the students to pass up their essay books to me before the bell rang so that I could check their work and marked it. I took it back to the office and saw Tini.. just finishing her share of homeworks. I asked her whether she's available to help with mine and she agreed.

Boy and good lord, who knows how much FUN we had laughing at the letters that the students wrote. God, it was freaking hilarious. We can't stop laughing most of the time. Their spelling was marvelous and terrifying! Their punctuation marks are questionable, and their sentence structure is horrifyingly funny! But through it all, it was one hell of an entertainment. Not in a bad way, but a good way. Check these out by yourselves and perhaps you'll understand.

see the word, "I'm happy too"?
Before it was that, it was written as "I happy to"

one minute they know how to spell 'bought' which is the past tense for 'buy' and one minute they don't.  and the one below.. can you read that? 
"you tak gook nama for you..."
What the friggin hell is gook?

 and this one... is my personal favorite. Just read it... you'll understand. I asked them to write a letter about a present you're giving to your friend and this is what he submitted.
I can't stop laughing when I marked this paper. Even now when I'm writing this, I took a look at it again, I still manages to laugh at it like it was my first time reading it...

Whoa! Today's congestion was a lot heavier due to the fact that the punching machine's time is still 6.30pm but the actual time was already 6.45pm. Everyone was waiting until the time was right and ffwwwoosssshhh!!! Like a stampede, they all swarmed the punching machine to punch their cards. Thank goodness that we were one of the early ones to punch out. If not.... aiyah!

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