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Practicum : Day 5, May 7th

Yesterday was Saturday. And like most Saturdays, people who works on weekdays get to spend their weekend work-free. But tragically, school teachers had to come to school on a weekend too. Apparently, there's a replacement school day because of the previous holiday (which I know nothing of).

And since the night before, I had spend quite some time writing my lesson plan and all, I slept at 5am and hoped that I could still manage to wake up early or at least enough time for me to shower, get dressed and go to school without being late.

I did however woke up at 10am over... like most of the recent days here in my auntie's house but usually when I go downstairs for my breakfast, the living room will be dead silent without a soul. But since it is Saturday, she was downstairs, taking care of her baby, Ilham (which still haven't gotten used to me being close to him ............yet...).

I stuck my pen-drive in my uncle's lappy and start printing those lesson plans I've been working on... 

Oh, and since my auntie was home, I did however not able to do quirky or fancy breakfast like the days before. This, however, was my only breakfast that morning.

Sad excuse for a person eh? But of course I wouldn't dare to try and cook anything while she's there. So there you have it, tuna sandwich.

Well, it's not such a bad breakfast after all. It did quite satisfied me. And there I was laying about, printing my lesson plans and worksheets, my phone rang. It was Kak Yong and she told me that I'm late because school has started. I told her that it's not impossible because when I looked at the time, it was just 12.15pm. I still have some time to get over to the school. It was then that she told me the school that day started at 12pm. OH MY GOD!!!!!

And I suddenly panicked! I rushed upstairs, took a quick shower and get dressed. Grab my things, went down and grab those printed papers and head out. My auntie was even surprised to see me getting all chaotic and asked me why am I so 'kelam-kabut'. I told her that I was late and all while grabbing and packing everything.

I rode on my bike like I never did before. I hit every bump on the road without slowing, I ran out on   every red lights and finally made it. Gaaahhh... I was tired.

They asked whether had I seen the timetable for that day posted in the office or not on the day before and I didn't. Of course, how silly of me to assume the timetable on Saturday is the same like on the weekdays. Oh, dumb mimie!!!

Apparently, the replacement school was more or less about gotong-royong, actually. This explains my curiosity why Kak Yong and Zi Ling was dressed casually. Only Tini and I were dressed formally for that day. Ahhh.. if I had knew, I would've worn something a bit more casual. I hate wearing formal attire soooooooo freaking much!

And I thought there'd be any teaching and learning session today but when I looked at the timetable for that day, all period only lasted like 20 minutes or less. So, like, there's no way I can teach anything in that nick of a time. Besides, since it IS Saturday, many students decided to skip school. Even my classes weren't even that half full. Only a few turn out...

So I ended up just playing these Hangman games I'm used to do when I was at school before. Although, it is kind of getting a wee bit bored. I need to find a new game which I can do in case I have more free time like this. Any suggestions?

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