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Practicum : Day 4, May 6th

 I woke up at 10am over and was rushing things but suddenly I remembered that it was Friday and school starts at 2pm in afternoon instead of 1pm like usual on Friday. So, I calmed myself and went down to the kitchen for breakfast....hmmm...

Okay... since there aren't many choices at all, I've decided to do
both the breakfast I had before on the same day.

frying sausages.........yumm!

After sausages? Right... the eggs...

I decided to spice things up a lil bit and sprinkled some...

Black Pepper!!!!

Ahahahaahaahah... and there you have it..

 My breakfast today.

Oh yeah, someone asked me in FB asking how I do that Mayonnaise + Cheese on bread dish. It's obviously pretty fucking simple!

 Spread butter on slices of bread.

Then lay down those cheese slices on top. 

 This is obviously my favorite part as I get to decorate the mayo the way I want it. If you want to do this for little kids, you can always drew faces or cartoon... it's all up to you creativity..GET CREATIVE.
But make sure not to put too much of the mayo because once it goes melt and mixes with the cheese, it'll become salty.

 Then, get a tray. And place 'em in the oven. Make sure that the oven is pre-heated at 180 Fahrenheit and once you tucked in those breads, turn the heating into upper side so that it will burn from the top.. not anywhere else. And let it heat about 10 minutes.. and you're done.

You should get something like this. The bread will be all browned up and crispy, both the cheese and mayo all melted up.

There you have it!

Okay, back to business. School today... hmm... I got there quite safe. I punched my card at 2.29pm.... phew! Cause the Penyelia Petang told us that day that on Friday, the latest I must be there is by 2.30pm. So.. I guess it was a safe cause.

I went to the headquarters and found Tini already there with her laptop .At that time  I thought that she was writing or preparing another lesson plan perhaps....but I was wrong. Guess what she was doing?

Facebooking. Apparently, the school have a Wifi connection (which I obviously never even have thought off....) and it is quite smooth. Tini said that it was fast.. well probably because there are no more internet users in the school beside the computers in library then. Huh.. perhaps I should bring my laptop there, next time.

Naaaaah... it would be much of a hassle.

Remember, yesterday? Our own Cikgu Tini got compliments all over the school from the students because she looked beautiful? Apparently she got a bit freaked out because of the attention she was getting and decided to dress down for today.

"Ko tgk neyh! Tudung makcik2 okay?! Kalo ade gak students yg dtg kt ak puji2 cantik gak hari ni, tak tahu lah nak cakap ape dah!"

So, unlike me (who had two classes which both of it is double period), Tini on the other hand had free time for today. Which means she gets to relax and just do relief classes (if there'd be any.......which there is). Man... how I would give to do relief classes only.....

One interesting fact about the naughty students here in this school.......... they're very artistic. It's not that until today I've realized this marvelous 'painting' by the staircase...............

Neat isn't it? Haiyaaa.... these students aaarr!!! Anyway, before my chain of combo double period class, I was give one relief class two periods earlier. That relief class was one of the naughty students are but luckily for me, all of them were such in a good mood today that I managed to play Hangman on the white board, with them joining (not by force, but willingly...I'm glad). That was the only good time I had of today. Really....

By the time for my actual classes, my nerve snaps off. I got hay-wired and go ranting a lot in both classes. In the 1 Cekal, I manages to get into all the students' nerve, banging everything they do is wrong and I can't even manage to pull of the lesson plan I wrote following exactly what the scheme of work requires me to do.. and in the 1 Wafi, I really really lost it. I teach them halfway and stopped. Like literally stopped teaching. It's not because I wish to, but I heard one distinctive voice saying "kalo x mngajar boleh x?" in a very annoyed tone. 

There, at that point. I just kept quiet, tilt my head down and put both my hands on my head and stare down for quite some time. They all went quiet. I finally manages to break out of it thinking that I cannot give up now, it's just the beginning! I did however stopped teaching for the rest of the period. Instead, I asked all of them to stand up and answer literature question. IF they manages to answer, only then they can sit down.

After I half of the class sat down (those who manages to answers), the bell rang and I left the class quickly. It was time to leave. Why? Because I need to rush to KL for an event that started at 7.15pm.....

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