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Practicum : Day 3, May 5th

Last night had to be a weird on-the-going-fresh moment for my brain because I managed to finish all three lesson plan in under two hours. Well, I did draft the activities during school hours. But re-writing and finding the correct outcomes and objectives, looking for the right exercises is not that easy okay?

Btw, after that period freshness which my brain refuses to let me sleep, I kept awake by facebooking, blog-walking and such. Finally at 4am, I was able to feel sleepy and went to bed. I woke up the next morning at 8.15am. Whoa, that was early..I'm shocked!

Anyway, after I woke up, I went downstairs and cooked myself a western breakfast... Ja-Janggg!!!!

Yuuum.... it was delicious! And to make my morning even better, I found a movie that I wanted to watch so bad inside my uncle's laptop, Black Swan.

You see, my morning turn out to be great, relaxing and smooth. But who would've guessed all the misery would come out on the afternoon itself...during school hours. What quite exactly happened was that both Tini and I were given relief classes to be monitored during our free time (which actually is not that free where we usually started to prepare for the next lesson).

The real problem in relieving those classes is not because we had nothing to do or what to teach other than just keep an eye on them, it's the class control part (where the noisy situation mixes with naughty students and disrespectful ones ), trying to keep them quiet and not acting like monkeys, is the hardest!

Both of the two classes that I had to relief was such a pain in the buttocks. They're noisy, they're loud, they don't listen to me, and they are running around. I refuse to succumb to my anger and temper to shout at them. I don't mind if they refuse to sit at their own places and do their work quietly, because I could understand. But the least they could do was to keep it down a notch. But noooo.. they were damn noisy. And that's when the shouting begins. Today, I lost my voice quite a freaking lot because of shouting to them to keep them quiet.... which like most everyone knew, only works for a couple of minutes and then the chaos begins again.

That's a fact about relieving classes that I've never ever even imagined before. Such havoc. But there are goods and funny things that happened today too.

Apparently, our Cikgu Tini, is wearing pink today and guess what?! All the girls and boys that notices kept on creeping up to her and complimenting her beauty. Whoa.... now that is really something. There were these groups of Indian girls that came to her while we were sitting by a bench and complimenting her, saying that she's pretty and all.
"Cikgu, cikgu ni cantiklaaaah!"
That word can be heard throughout the day lots of time. At first it was fun but soon, it gets weird and all creepy because it's like they've never seen a beautiful young adolescent before. Even the boys were all getting all riled up and pervy, trying to grab her attention. Hahahaha!!!!

Classes? Hmmm... my classes today was in a way, quite okay. Though the students of 1 Wafi still have problem understanding what I said and all, I've just realized that their reading skills and speaking is quite good but they are unable to speak directly to me.... afraid of me or afraid of answering wrong.

1 Cekal on the other hand is a complete mess. They understood what I said but they have trouble learning from me as for their previous teacher, Niek, was very strict and stern and everytime in her class, students will be quiet as a mouse but for my's like all Hell break loose. But they are a much better learner and faster to understand than the students from 1 Wafi.

Speaking of students, there's one funny moment during the relieving class session where a Chinese girl is applying mask on her face and everyone was staring down on her, including me.

When I snap the photo, all I've ever think about is that it is for my blog... a little something extra to keep it interesting but who would've guessed that the girl in the mask jumped abruptly to look at me snapping a photo and saying that "Don't report me to the teachers" , which I did not as I believe it is not within my power to start causing any scene with those mafias. Besides, she's just wearing a mask in the free period... it's not like she's hurting anyone...right?


  1. haha.. your breakfast attracted me :P

  2. hahaha! just simple ol' eggs with sausages...


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