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Practicum : Day 22, May 28th (Hari Belia)

Okay, so once again, another Saturday was taken into the claps of my school from my relaxation. But this time around, I was actually excited and not complaining. Yes, it does sounds like I'm complaining. I am complaining bout the fact that my Saturday was again taken away but I am excited to be going to this Hari Belia event. Although I do have to admit before actually going there, I had this weird imagination of how it would actually be like. A large hall or auditorium where old people and ministry people or whatever authorities talking about youth and the development of the country. Yes, that kind of boring event but at least this time around, I'm the teacher, not the students so I am free to walk around and loiter around. Hahahaha..

Darn it, I got there at 7am over and had not eaten anything at all and I was damn starving. Saw some of the students already waiting and the bus already parked outside waiting to go. Then this ustaz came and called Puan Hasni (the original teacher chaperoning for this event) and she told us that the bus will only move after 8am when she arrived. Blast it. I should have known better. But I guess I was in luck when the ustaz brought me over to Pekan Rinching for breakfast and back to the school. By the time we got back to the school, Puan Hasni and Azizul was already waiting and the students have all gotten into the bus. It was time to move out.

The journey took about ...hmm half an hour I guess? If I'm not mistaken....Hahaha..

Our bus stopped us in front of the Masjid Putra because the roads to the PICC had been blocked off and no other form of transportation is allowed other than the shuttle buses. So we decided to walk to the PICC and through all those tents of amazing wonders (food, clothes, bla bla bla bla...). But what most of us never expected of it was the actual distance and the actual purpose of this trip. We were actually invited to this Hajj Simulation program organized by Lembaga Tabung Haji to teach the students how to perform their Hajj accordingly. Yes, today's event was actually all about it. Most of the students actually thought they are going to this trip to enjoy the Hari Belia, checking out things and possibly meet up with SUJU (I think most of you guys knew what or who is SUJU, so I'm not gonna tell you). So, imagined their faces when they knew that it was not what they had in mind. And as a matter of fact, this isn't what I had in mind too. I actually wanted to spend the day checking out all those things on fare and having fun taking pictures all around but instead we get to sit in this large air-conditioned tent (yes, air-conditioned) listen to Islamic talks and Hajj program explanation. Well, at least it was good that the tent was air-conditioned because it was damn hot that day. We were all sweating like hell.

Okay, enough explanation. Let's continue the journey...

Look at that distance, that's the distance of how far we had to walk. It was damn far. I tell you, on the way back from the end of 'there' to back here in front of the Masjid, my legs are numb already and it felt like it could come off any minute...

Now I understand why people said that Putrajaya is quite a beautiful place and that taking scenery photos here are quite spectacular...

They gave pin badges to those who signed, I wouldn't want to miss the badge so I signed too..

Hahahaha...cikgu Mimi okay. They're the ones who called me that ... I don't fucking know how they hell did they knew my nickname was Mimi...HMMM Curious!

Okay, here we are. See that miniature Ka'abah? That's where they're going to perform the simulation. Yup, under the heating sun. But first, it was time for some speeches and talks.

They also had this Pidato competition and it was quite interesting. I'm not lying. It is interesting. You should hear what they were saying. Very refreshing and really are thought of the mind.

I like this girl above really much. She was giving her speech in Arabic. You should listen too it. It is so beautiful. It is the most beautiful language I could ever heard. Now I know why my mom wanted me to take Arabic as my third language so much. And I regretted not taking it instead of Japanese language. She was pronouncing every word clear and beautiful. I felt like crying.

Before they gave us break time for lunch, there's some singing competition. Nasyid of course.

And after that we were given our break time. Actually the program managers had provided us with a box meal of Rasamas chicken rice and a mineral water but most of us still felt hungry so we were given permission to find other foods outside we had to be back by 2pm for the simulation.

Remember how I was craving for Cupcakes and Macaroons before? FINALLY, I found a stall that sells them. Yes, I was really not into the craving mood of Cupcakes already since I had eaten a lot of them before on the Teacher's Day but what I still had not tasted was the Macaroons. I finally found them and bought them. Well, it was not what I expected  and for me it just tasted bleeeh.... definitely not worth the expensive price. Or maybe that the stall sells low quality macaroons... I don't know. After that, we walked around until it was time to get back to convention.

They were picking stones to be thrown during the simulation.

Okay, PAUSE!!!! This post will soon be continued once I had the other half of the pictures taken BY ME using ANOTHER camera which belongs to Puan Hasni because my camera has run out of batteries by that time. Well, I don't know why? Maybe I had not charged it properly or.. I don't know... Okay, so by the mean time, just enjoy the pictures above okay? I'll continue this post later on... keep on checking back...well.. maybe after the school holidays perhaps.

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