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Practicum : Day 21, May 27th (A Teacher's Day special)

Okay, introductory clause first. Yeaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!! It's the final day for practicum before holiday......................NOT! Well, technically, it was until I accepted the assignment to become a chaperon for the Form 5 Students who is going to Putrajaya for the Hari Belia event. Well, that's another story to be covered later on. Now let's talk about today.

Since it is FINALLY the awaited Teacher's Day, all teachers must come in the morning including the evening session's teachers. That means us (Tini and I) too. Knowing me, I have a very hard time waking up early in the morning although lately I've been able to wake up early at 7am or 8am but that won't suffice cause I need to come to the school compound at least before 7am. So, here's what happened. I finally realized how most people are able to wake up damn early in the morning. It is the determination. Okay, that was pretty naive of me considering I never thought of that. It is not that I never thought of that but I never seem to care (yup, that's basically it). So, since I was determined to wake up early because I promised Faiz to have McBreakfast with him at 4.30am, I did manage to wake up at 4am sharp. And so did I woke up for every hour or so. Just imagine, I slept at 11pm, woke up at 12am, then sleep again, woke up at 1am, then sleep again, woke up at 2am, then sleep again, woke up at 3am, then sleep again, until it was finally 4am where I get dressed and head over to the McDonald's in Prima Saujana.

Since the Wifi at my uncle's house hasn't been friendly enough to me the night earlier when I wanted to update my Thursday (previous post) entry, I flock it all up with the Wifi at McDonalds.

BTW, I don't drink coffee, that's Hot Milo.

While I was busy updating my blog and uploading the dance shot video, Faiz was checking on his FB which hasn't been logged on to for two weeks already. Too many things that he missed, he says. Not missed as if in missed, but missed as if in all the hot gossips and issues that he missed reading about. We sat there, surfing to the net while chatting waiting for time to pass until it was 6.45am when we parted ways. I head over to Semenyih to school and he, back to Saujana Utama to his school.

Just when I arrived, they've all gotten dressed up and ready to go already. We packed our things, get our gifts and head to the school compound. Who would've guessed that we had to punch card on this day too?

It started by all the Form teachers taking attendance at the field and the assembly field. While they were busy doing that, we were in the conference room, waiting to be called for the parade. Yes, a parade.

If you haven't noticed, the theme for our Teacher's Day celebration is Pink and/or Red. Most teachers look pretty in pink and some are daring in red. Some opted to go with a dashing combination of the two. Not forgetting the male teachers who appeared gallant in red and only two male teachers who wore pink (a teacher named Azizul and I). After all the teachers were herded together by the front block, it was then time to begin the parade.

The parade was amazing, with the teachers being wooed and saluted, being appraised and valued by all the students who came. The turnouts might not have been the total number of all the students but still they were many of them unlike usual.

It started like the usual assembly with a few songs of the National Anthem, Selangor Anthem, and the School's Anthem. Then a few speeches, and finally it was break time. During the break time, we were invited to the PSS mini Teacher's Day reception held by the librarians. I'm gonna talk about that on the next post.

After the break, it was finally time for the performance by the students. Too bad that I didn't get the recording of my dance group because the battery has died before I could even take any video of them. But their performance didn't go as good as I imagined. Well, not that I was hoping (a LOT) that they'd make me proud but ............................ ah, forget it.

After all of the performance had finished, it was time for the award-giving ceremony such as the most popular, the most beautiful, the most on-time, the best-dressed, and a couple more. Next, the students were let go and the teachers are escorted to the Hall for a reception. The food was already waiting for teachers who were starving and there, was the time to exchange pleasantries between teachers that we randomly draw names from the jar before. Remember? I told you guys  about it before. Well, I gave my present to the teacher I was supposed to give and she was happy, I'm so glad. And the turnout for me was that I knew that the one who was suppose to give me my present was the Penyelia Petang, the ever-so-kind-and-friendly Puan Azizah. But what jolted me was that I was eating at that moment and she ambushed me with the present. I choked on the food I was chewing and started coughing. The teachers around me and including Puan Azizah laughed. Damn, that was funny. I thanked her so much for the presents. After the meal, the teachers parted with wishes to each other for having a good holiday.

This Teacher's Day may or maybe my last time ever celebrating one as a teacher because for all I know is that I might not gonna continue with this profession even when I graduated, although I have to admit, I had been a teacher at SEMUKHSIN for only one month but I've begun to love these students so damn much. It would be a big lie to say that I did not enjoy at least a bit of the respect given to me as a teacher. I guess this is what teachers all around felt. Though through hardships and pain they've suffered teaching these brats, the thought of how these students look up to them and respected us, even just a little bit of happiness will draw a smile on our faces. This is probably, the best gift of all.....

With this, I sincerely would like to thank all my teachers, lecturers for educating me into what I am today. Especially those who taught me English during my primary and secondary years. Although I know it is already late and the actual Teacher's Day was on the 16th of May, I would still like to wish a very Happy Teacher's Day to all.

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