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Practicum : Day 20, May 26th

Okay okay, I know, for unanimous readers who suddenly clicked on my blog because of the food picture, boo yah! Hhahahaha!!! So, this is what I had for breakfast today. Quite grand for a breakfast, ain't it? The truth is that it is like before, another leftovers. The night before was a Wednesday, and Wednesday is a Pasar Malam night at Semenyih, so we make it an annual thing to gather on Wednesday at the girls' house to have dinner together, including Faiz. That is why I said 'gather' since the actual team of me and the girls are already there, but the term 'gather' is for those outside of our cycle : Faiz.

Since I was already peachy full when I got back the night before, my auntie had wrapped it all up for me to eat in the next morning. It was very very delicious despite knowing that it was my favorite food, Lamb Chop. Well, not exactly the common Lamb Chop, but my auntie's style of course. Prep with herbs and black pepper, it was tender and very juicy, damn delicious. For the side dish, it's the usual baked potato and veggies, and a spirally (pasta) salad. God, it was a slice of heaven.

When I got to school at 9am over, we started training the students to get ready for the actual performance tomorrow. I really hope they could do it perfectly since they still got some of the steps messed up. Please, please, please let it be a great performance.

After training the students, we head back to Tini's house, changed to our formal attire and head back into the school. While we were training the students, one of Tini's students told Tini that she was baking cookies for the Teacher's Day tomorrow. So, we decided to check it out.

My comments on the cookies? Not good. There were too much butter in mixture of the cookie dough, resulting in the cookie falling into crumbles easily. And honestly, it isn't tasty at all......
Sorry girls...

After that, we went to the Teacher's room to collect our lunch from the teacher who took our order the day before and guess what? Instead of selling food like the previous two, three, four, five days ago, now they're selling clothes. Or was it always like this that we never actually noticed anything happening inside the Teacher's Room because we were placed at the conference room. Either way, it was like a Pasar Malam inside there. It's funny.. seriously!

Aaaaahhh, what a relief! Final day of exam! Not just the students because it was the final day of exam before the mid-term holiday, but also for the teachers who can't seem to wait to leave this hellhole. Hahahahaha!!! and frankly, me too. Invigilating the students today is so much more fun as seeing that they're also in cheery mood. They're so much more easier to handle this way.

 Today's papers are : Pendidikan Seni Visual, Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan, and Pendidikan Sivik. I guess by hearing that you would know what I meant by all the students were all cheery. All three papers are easy papers and they could easily answer all the papers. And they're so much more in a good mood when I constantly making jokes inside of the class when I pick on the noisy students. It is sooo much fun!!!

I guess God answered my prayer when I asked to let me survive the final two days before the Teacher's Day (Wednesday and Thursday) because of Tuesday's chaotic hell. Because as you can see, yesterday was a total clarity and calm, and today was a slice of heaven. I'm actually laughing in good mood when I'm writing this because I could remember how much I laughed during invigilating them. It was really really funny!

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