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Practicum : Day 2, May 4th

Since Makdik and Pakdik already knew that I got the afternoon session, they felt like that there's no absolute need to wake me up in the morning anymore and trouble themselves so hard to actually try and wake this sleeping demon up..... I am such a heavy sleeper... people have a really hard time waking me up in the morning.

Unfortunately, I do wanted to wake up early so I could like jog or exercise whatever it is that people do in the early morning and train myself to wake up early.. but that is such a problem. Anyway..... when I woke up, it's already 10am and both of them already left for work. I went down to the kitchen and was figuring out what would my breakfast be.

And that was it. Melted mayonnaise and cheese on top of buttered bread. I used their oven to do it. It was yummy. I ate my breakfast, online for a bit and then I head out to school.

When I got there, they've taken their lunch without me. Daaaammmnnnn.... 
And since Tini have a class the first period today, we all decided to observe her. So.. I was guessing that I'd took my lunch later...after the observation.

 "aiyah...I'm so hot and stress laaaahhh! Cause I got nothing to do! The teacher wanted me to take over starting from June! What am I going to do right now?!!!"

It's 1.15pm over and we already head out to Tini's class.

Well, her class is okay. The students are obedient and not noisy. They listen to her and concentrate well during the lesson. And it looks like her first class was an okay performance.

After her class, all of us head over to canteen cause I was starving and they promised to accompany me eat lunch. Heh, it is not like they have other classes to teach at the moment. After lunch however, Zi Ling and Kak Yong went back home because they have finished their session. That left Tini and I at our headquarters (the conference room a.k.a. our table to do our work) while waiting for my first class which starts at 3.55pm.

3.55pm - My class...........huh what can I say? They are good and nice kids but oh my god their proficiency level is disappointing. Most of the time, they don't even understand what am I speaking in front...I had to revert to Bahasa Melayu quite frequent in order for them to understand. And they are less-than-average type of learners. But I enjoyed teaching them. I'm going to work hard to teach them.

After class, we head back to the our room and started to prepare for tomorrow's lesson  plan.

Who would've guessed that while we were preparing our lesson plan and discussing each other's activity, time goes on quite fast. Before we know it, it was already 6.45pm and it's time to punch out!

But apparently, there's a heavy congestion to punch out as there were great numbers of teachers all rushing to punch out their cards too...

Back at my auntie's house.....
 Okay, this will be it for today's entry. I'm going to start typing all the lesson plan.

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