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Practicum : Day 19, May 25th

Today, things got a hell, I mean hell lot better. Seriously, life was easier today. Let's start. I managed to wake up at nearly 8am and got just enough time to prepare myself and clean up everything. My auntie asked me to reheat the rice and the leftovers from last night since I didn't manage to finish it because I had two servings of dinner ealier (Thosai and the meal at Malee's).

Well, I guess luck wasn't on my side this morning when I was reversing my bike out of the house yard, I suddenly slip off the handle and bike fell over. The leftovers (which I carefully packed into a lunchbox to be taken to school), fell over and all the rice and dishes ............ just splat on the ground. I had to clean all those up before I leave and because of that, I was late for 10 minutes which I promised to arrive at school by 9am for the practice.

I was glad that even though I thought them a lot of new complicated and fast-paced steps, they manage to pull it off quite quick. They really are such quick study students.
Here's the best so far!

Now, let's talk about classes for today. Like yesterday, there was hell and havoc, but today, it was the complete opposite. The students were somewhat a bit angelic (well, not that nice but still quite okay considering they're not making so much noises and wandering around the school compound during exam period). Although I had actually hoped for no relief classes to be assigned to me today, it was just a mere hope lost in the puff of air. Okay, drama much? Well, I don't have that much relief classes at all, just one. But the peralihan students and that is not the bad ones, the best class which is Peralihan Amanah, the most okay peralihan class where the students are all Chinese. Although they are noisy and all but for most of the time, they would keep quiet when I asked them too.

On the other hand, I kind of exploded on the Wafi class. I asked them to submit their homework which I gave to them last two weeks (before the exams) and they kept on forgetting to do it and bring it. I forgave them for the first week because it was hectic with exams and all but this time around, I didn't. I burst out, took these chain locks on the Teacher's desk in the class and smash it on the table. They all went silent. I called them off one by one asking whether or not they bring the book or not. Out of the 19 students, only four of them brought it. I asked them to sit down and left the ones who didn't standing for a while. Then I did the one thing I hate the most that teachers always do: NAG! Oh god, I wish I hadn't do that. I nagged and nagged and nagged until I was satisfied. And guess what, when I ask them to do what they want as long as they kept quiet and guess what?  I saw two girls crying. Well, they weren't exactly crying in front of me, they was doing these faces and not talking and looking at me and when I approached them, they burst out into tears. At that point of time, I changed from a teacher to a big brother. I talked to them like how I talk to my little sister who I just slapped because she was being such a little bitch.

Man, dealing with crying girls is such a pain. They refuse to talk and when they've calmed down, they kept telling me that 'it was nothing' but I knew better. They were still .... in those moods... I really wanted to give it up talking to them and finding out what is the problem. Gosh, I'm telling you it was such a damn hard job. After a while consoling them, I managed to get one of the crying girls to talk and tell me why was she crying. Well, I guess in that situation that she explained, it was probably not a good reaction. Because if I were her, I would be mad that someone exposed me to the teacher that I schemed to not bring the exercise book and not cry about it. I would get even. But these girls are soft sensitive creature. One slight of bad words from my mouth and they would end up crying again.... Haiyaaa....

But other than that, there wasn't much else happening at the school. It was an okay day...

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