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Practicum : Day 18, May 24th

Oh my GOD, I can't tell you how hectic and troublesome today was. Let me start by the common thing first. As usual, I would wake up, make myself a breakfast meal or just heat up the leftovers but since this morning I had to choreograph and coach a group of students dance routine for the Teacher's Day performance this Friday, I had to skip out the breakfast and rushed off to the school but I did however bought a pack of Nasi Lemak on the way. When I got there, Tini was already waiting for me with the girls. They've seen the actual video and said that it would be okay since the dance is not that hard. Oh, did I mention that we finally picked the Morning Musume song because it was easier and since some of the girls are uncomfortable dancing sexy steps from the Girls Generation music video GEE, and since some of them are not fast learners and flexible dancer, they can't do most of the steps of Sorry Sorry from Super Junior. Damn, it was fun and tiring coaching them. We could only manage to teach them a few basic steps and they would have to repeat it again and again to sharpen the dance and make sure everyone is in sync.

Well, the wraps up the morning activity and hecticness but what really troubles me, and Tini too today was because of the CHAOS during our relief session. Since today's exam was on Pendidikan Islam, Bahasa Cina, Bahasa Tamil, Bahasa Arab, and Pendidikan Moral, there were times when the students of different religions have no need to stay quiet while the rest is taking their exam. And that is what happened. The whole Block J a.k.a. Block Jahanam, was in utter chaos. There were students running here and there, screaming and shouting, loitering around and running away from class. It is just bad enough that I need to relief the naughty class, but there were students from other naughty classes wandering around the perimeter, making noises. LOTS AND LOTS OF NOISES. Much more worse than those zoo animals, I tell you. So I could no longer stand my patience, I asked one of the students to call up any of the disciplinary teacher to come to the Block and punish those nasty rascals. I guess two teachers weren't enough. They keep on making so much more noises. We were under a lot of stress.

Bad things that actually happened while we were relieving classes:

a) Two Indian girl taking Bahasa Tamil was talking during the exam when I was invigilating in front. I guess they didn't notice that I was staring. I went up to them and grab both their answer sheets. I stood in front of the class and crumple their paper right in front of their classmates. I gave them a warning and they did not heed it and so there goes their paper. I gave it back to them after a few moments thinking that I wasn't cruel enough to let them have a ZERO for their papers but I just let them pass up crumpled up answer sheets. At least they learnt their lesson.
b) Tini was walking out of Block J and suddenly she was splash with water by a Chinese student. She was damn furious and I told her to report it to the disciplinary teachers. She did and guess what happened to that rotten chinese student? He was expelled right away. Not because for splashing the water and drenching Tini all over, but beacause he had way too many disciplinary issue and he was finally expelled after too much time causing trouble.
c) I threw an empty water bottle to a Malay boy student who was disturbing my students practicing their dance. I was coaching them at that time and these Malay boy students were noisy and disturbing a lot. Because I was under a lot of stress the whole afternoon, I could not contain my anger and grab whatever it is that in front of me (empty water bottle) and threw it at him. He was furious, I could tell. He left us alone but he was cursing all the way back to his class while keeping his angry gaze at me. I have to admit that I was actually quite scared of what might happened. Who knew? He might called up his gangs and beat me up tomorrow. Or they could even damage and sabotage my motorcycle. I really am scared of the outcome of my actions. I knew it was not a good thing to do but if you were in place, you might do the same. Just imagine, you are damn tired and stressed dealing with monkeys in uniforms and now some gorillas are honking your little children playing around. What would you, yourself do?

In the end, the result of today's school was that one student got expelled and eight more got suspended. See, such a nuisance. Though my legs is still shaking thinking what would happen to me tomorrow because I am still quite freaked out of the incident where I threw the water bottle. I just hope that the student would forget all about it and not beat me up. I know, that's a cowardly act to do but it is actually better like this. I don't want to beaten up, okay? Seriously, I am SCARED down to my spine. It's really frightening.

After school ended, Faiz told me to come over to Maulana and I agreed. We hand out there until he told me to accompany him eating dinner at this famous and favorite restaurant of his, Malee. To my surprise, I've actually been to that restaurant, way back when I was in my form years. I went there during a school holiday where I spent it at my relative house in Bangi. They have great food there, as I could remember from those days.

Well,  I guess when Faiz told me that he was famished, he wasn't laying because he even had an extra serving of rice because of it.


Talking about food, I think I might add a few more pounds today because I had two servings for lunch and two servings for dinner. Nope, I'm not lying. I had Nasi Lemak (from which I bought during on my way to the school) and Nasi Beriyani (ordered from the teachers who are selling food, which I've forgotten all about it when I bought the Nasi Lemak) for lunch, and Thosai at Maulana's (before going to Malee, we met up at Maulana and I quickly ordered one because I was really hungry) and Nasi Putih with Ayam Gajus and Telur Mata (at Malee because I was thinking of trying out the Ayam Gajus, which is not that delicious anyway) for dinner. Man, I was really bloated.

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