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Practicum : Day 17, May 23th

I guess what they say about leftover pastas really is true. That it gets better and delicious because the ingredients in the sauce is absorbed into the pasta and the flavor is expanded more.  That is what happened today when I reheated the leftover pasta that my auntie left for me and it tasted damn good!!

 It was such a delicious meal and I wish that I could have more. I'm not lying here, it is really good and besides that, she's using fettuccine (my favorite type of pasta) instead of the normal spaghetti or angel hair.

Actually, because I was updating my previous two blog posts, I went to bed late at 4pm yesterday and still hopes that I could wake up early like before but, unfortunately I woke up at 11am over. Damn that's late. I rushed doing everything actually, even reheating the pasta and all. Multi-tasking ability put to the test.

Once I've arrived at the school, it was quite weird seeing that almost, not almost but most of the time I was passing the students to get to the office, students around are greeting me like never before. It's damn weird. I think it is because I look very formal at that time. Black plants, black shirt, and a red tie. Maybe I looked different? huh, none of my concern.

When I got to the our room, I managed to breathe out a little bit until Tini whisk me away with her to the Cafeteria because she was hungry. We were eating fine until the sound of Negaraku music was playing throughout the whole school. Damn, it's the assembly. Forgotten to go to the assembly.

But we were not alone in the cafeteria. There was some other teachers there too. So, I guess we're safe then. But the teachers also stop and froze over while the song was on air. Damn, the respect of the country song really is a big impact in this school.

Okay, it is still exam week and not much of a challenge when it is time to go to class but our real challenge for the day wasn't actually students, it was us and of our performance-should-be on the Teacher's Day. I've told you guys that we had to do a performance, right? We did plan to do a sketch and that plan was ongoing  and okay until last week a teacher came to me and ask us to prepare another performance, just in case. Just in case of what? She didn't tell me. She just asked me to prepare another performance.

So, we were up to our asses trying to figure out what would be our other performance. I came out with the idea of doing a dance. Much like those K-Pop dance but instead of just us doing the dance, we recruited students to dance with us along. I wanted to do a Morning Musume para para dance of the song Sexy Boy because it was easy and the steps are most likely a  rinse and repeat steps. But Tini wanted to do these K-Pop dance which is much more difficult and have tons of steps to remember. I couldn't care less because I am as sure as hell not gonna be dancing as I am the only guy if I were to dance along. That'd be weird.

We decided to keep our choices open to three songs which have different styles of dances. Here are the three.

Now this the the one that I wanted. It's simple and easy.
Not too hard and not to complicated.

I know that this is awesome IF we could pull it off but can the girls be trained within just three days? I just hope if we do pick this dance, they can catch up really fast.

although this is a boy band's dance but if these girls could pull it off, it'd be fucking awesome. The problem is that these dances that Tini wanted have quite some fast footwork, can these girls do hand and feet movements at the same time and without lagging?
Let's just hope so!

Okay, that was decided. We are going to do an audition for the dance tomorrow morning at 9am and we'll see the girls' capabilities. If the're good enough, we would do any of those two dances that Tini suggested, and if most of them are just your average I-like-to-dance-but-I'm-just-so-and-so, we'll choose my song.

Actually there was no point of posting about this store's picture but what pique my interest was that it was cat-infested. Not in a bad way but.... you see, this store have quite a number of cats crawling and laying around in it and the owner doesn't mind. It is either he's a cat person and love cats so much or he just don't care. Just look at these two for example.

So comfortable ain't them?

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