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Practicum : Day 16, May 21th

Again, yet another Saturday of relaxation ruined by school program. LADAP in short for Latihan Dalam Pengajaran. A  workshop for teachers to improve their P&P. Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran.

The program is kicked off by a speech from the Pengetua about her promotion to PPD and if she might or might not take it. It has something to do about if she has to work far away and of the sort. She will only take the promotion if she is assigned to Hulu Langat. Other places she won't accept because of the travelling. Personally I don't even know what PPD is let alone care.

And the first speaker for today is Puan Khuzaimah, our PK1.
She talks about the scoring guide for teachers to accomplish when they are being evaluated. Much like the MQAs, the school teachers are also being evaluated based on their performance according to the succession of their lesson plan to the actual lesson.

 The second speaker is Cik Wan Nor Hanan.
She tells about the skills in communication in lesson to achieve success in our lesson. She then tells us more about how to actually bring communication between teachers and students so that class interaction is acquired. As per class interaction is also one of the requirements for evaluation, she tells also about the pre-requirement of class interaction in order to achieve better evaluation from the ministry people.

 Third speaker of the day, Puan Norliza.
She opens this session with some verses of couplet of how teachers should teach and what teachers shouldn't do while teaching. It was very entertaining though. I'll post a whole entry on that couple later on.
She talks to us about effective methods of teaching, which for us, fresh TESL students, have been learning for these past two years and a half. Stuffs like role-playing, dicto-comp, thematic approach, all those familiar things we've learned so far in lectures.

After her slot, it was time for breakfast. I guess everyone is super hungry because they were nothing much of an adult queuing for food but more or less like children, grabbing whatever they can. They were really hungry I guess, including us too of course.

I don't know whether because we were hungry or maybe the Nasi Lemak actually tasted pretty good. I like the Sambal very much except that they put so little. So stingy...

After the break, it was time to continue with our next speaker, Puan Norsiah.
Her talk was more about how to manage the classes. How to deal with students who are not participating, who are sleeping, who are making so much noises, those kinds of stuff. She teaches us how to deal with these problem so that we won't get low grade evaluation for class management when we are being observed.

Our fifth speaker, Puan Nurul Ain.
Now this woman really understands how the other teachers are feeling about lame and boring talks and monotonous lectures so she switched the whole mood to a lively one. This was actually a set induction to her talks. Like we've known that most set induction stages is to acquire or grab the students' attention, she did manage to grab our attention very well. Her talk is about making the class interesting and involving the students in the activities in the classroom, making it a student-centered lesson, not teacher-centered because these school students nowadays, they still need to be spoon-fed but more and more towards asking them to get involved in the class. Let them be responsible for their own lesson for the day. Like for example, using the students' past experiences to shape the lesson of the day.

And our last speaker, Puan Hafizah.
Now this woman really knows how people are getting anxious to leave and go home, knowing that, she did manage to steal our attention from wondering about going home, to the talk itself. Her talk is actually more about the knowledge being imparted on the lesson. As a teacher, it is mandatory for all of us to know what we are teaching. She did give a very good example by explaining how to determine whether a liquid is acid or alkali by testing it with this testing paper (I can't remember what she said, something like fetemenine fetelyle or something... )
It is important that we MUST know about the thing we are teaching on that day, not while teaching it then exploring it. Not advisable.

 And that concludes our LADAP for the day. In conclusion, or as a summary, these talks are actually tips and guidance on how to score for the evaluation thingy that the ministry people will held annually every year. I still don't understand much though because there are a lot slang used in these talks. Especially for unknown abbreviations and acronyms. Well, there you have it. My ruined Saturday morning. Hope you all learn a thing or two.

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