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Practicum : Day 15, May 20th

 What else can I say about today? Nothing much. Exams are still on and it is by far the most relaxing moments in the school. I gotta say, it is really refreshing to see how invigilating an exam can turn these monstrous beast into little kitten. Hahahahah. Threaten them. If they don't keep quiet, then don't start the exam. Just keep staring and they'll began hushing down and even beat their noisy friend asking to shut the hell up. It really is funny!

By the way, I haven't actually introduced you guys who are my students, haven't I? Now these photos below are some of the my students in Form 1 Cekal.

 Here are the students from Form 1 KAA @ 1 Wafi.

Today's exam papers are Mathematics 1 and Mathematics 2. Boy, am I glad that I already finished school and have absolutely no need to trouble myself with these complicated questions on mathematics. Let alone if you give me division equation. They're so annoyingly confusing.

I really thanked God so much because TESL doesn't play with these complicated mathematical equations. But our hard part is the language formation studies and linguistic studies. Not to mention neurological development and teaching methodologies which are very annoying.

Hmmm.. You remember that I told you guys how lucky the girls are because their houses are like so damn near to the school? Let me show you why.

Behind there is the school, the one walking is Tini and you see that motorcycle and the house where it is parked in front of? Now that is their rental house. Pretty fucking damn near, ain't it?!

Luckily for me, today it wasn't raining when it's time to leave. Well, technically it is raining but very very light rain. Drizzling, that's it. I didn't exactly head straight back home as I suddenly had a serious craving for a Starbucks's Vanilla Latte. So I stop by at Metropoint and asked Faiz to come over so that we could chill and hang out.

He was hungry and we went to the mamak's restaurant Ayza for a while. Then he was still hungry and told me he wanted to try this new shop called Chicken Rice Corner. Corner, not Shop. Don't misunderstood. So, the shop kind off did not manage to pull any customers as we were the only ones inside and there was nobody else dining there. Perhaps they lost their customers at the Old Town and the Kenny Rogers Roasters just a couple of shop lots nearby. Surprisingly, their menu is not attractive too. And they stole quite a lot from the Chicken Rice Shop. Faiz ordered this Honey BBQ Chicken Rice and I ordered the Honey BBQ Dry Noodle.

Is it tasty? Not at all. I don't know how the Chicken Rice tastes like as I didn't even bother to taste some from Faiz but my noodle is super soggy and made me feel full after a couple of bites only. The chickens however are tasty. Well, you couldn't blame much from this shop because compared to Chicken Rice Shop, theirs are much and way cheaper. A good thing if you're low on cash and wanted to eat something like Chicken Rice Shop, though, I don't know if I had ever seen this shop anywhere else before. This was the first.

Anyhow, after that dinner, we hurried to the Starbucks, not wasting any time as my cravings are getting super anxious. And yummm!!!! Satisfaction!!! We stayed over at the Starbucks and catch up on some new things and gossips (of course!). It was worth a while and we started to talk about how I would love to be able to talk English using the British accent because it is much more elegant and profound but it seems hard to accomplish. Faiz said that every time I tried to, I sound more and more like an Australian than British. Haaaiyaaa.. at least it is better than Manglish though. I wouldn't want to be caught dead using Manglish to a foreigner. I would rather sound Australian than Malaysian because Manglish have very funny phonological pronunciation and they way we construct sentences are sometimes grammatically incorrect.

After a while, we part ways and head back home. When I arrived home, I was really not expecting dinner because I was kind of very full already because of the soggy noodle and the drinks but guess what? My auntie cooked dinner. Even better, she cooked these delicious oven-baked chickens and potatoes prep with herbs. 

Damn, it was delicious. I couldn't resist but ate a serving of it. My god, I really do need to start measuring my food intake from now on. I don't want to go obese now. Diet mode?! A MUST! With Ashley's tips on how to lose weight, I should be able to do it. Let's just hope I could strain myself hard to not go on a eating-spree after this.

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  1. waa.. anda teacher ka? saya pon ade dpt tawaran ke maktab utk kursus TESL! i suppose u can tell me any tips/tricks?? haha nice to meet you! :D


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