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Practicum : Day 14, May 19th

What's for breakfast that day? Hmmm... nothing much. Just some egg sandwiches. I am not in a cooking mood earlier that morning so, that's what I had.

After breakfast, it's the usual gaming on FB, blogwalking, and some Facebooking (...duh!).
Yeah, it's getting pretty monotonous. But I did however left for school earlier that day. It was 12pm if I'm not mistaken and I got to school before 12.30pm. Yeaaay!! It's a new start. Well, it can be achieved because there's no lesson plan to be printed and written so there's more free time. That's why. I even arrived before Tini did. But that doesn't matter much since she always arrived earlier than I do. When evening session started, the morning session teachers rushed in the conference room (our room), and started this Lestari meeting for an upcoming ... something... which I don't know. We were actually minding our own business at the other end corner of the room, not trying to disturb them but every minute or so, different teachers looked at us and stared.... viciously. Now I get it why Zi Ling told us that morning session teachers are soooooo not friendly at all. We don't know what is their business, looking at us like vultures, cornering their prey.

So, we decided to leave the room for their meeting and head over to the canteen. Since I've spent my last RM5 on motorcycle's fuel, I have absolutely no money. Only a couple of cents, which I managed to buy....

Yup, that. A fried egg and Sambal Sardin. Just the sambal okay... ... Am I planning to eat only that you ask? No effing way. Actually I told Zi Ling to took extra, extra rice on her plate so that I can just take from her.

And the plan succeeded. And there you have it, my lunch... RM0.50 for the egg and sambal, RM0.00 for the rice from Zi Ling. Hahahahaha! Ain't that brill?!

So, like I've told you guys from the previous post, exam had started and there's no teaching and learning session are held. So even if we enter classes, we would be just invigilating the exams, making sure the students doesn't cheat, copy, talk or even discuss with each other.

It's amazing how powerful the feeling of supremacy over their life is. Thanks to Zi Ling, who is like this scary teacher whom students run away from if they see her, taught me how she invigilated the exams. She told me that if the students are being noisy, don't give them the paper. Let them stare at you as you stare back at them until the room suddenly went into deep silent. And then you start distributing the paper. It's either the cold stare treatment or there's always the threatening treatment which Zi Ling looooves to do so much. Just threaten them a LOT about their exam grades and papers and they'll bow down and keep quiet and listen to you.

It really is very empowering! When you're invigilating, if there are some students talking or cheating or permitting others to cheat, just go to them, take their answer paper and walk back in front. Leave them hanging like that. You can either give it back after they've learnt their lesson or you could just crumple it up, and let them fail. Hahahahaha!!! It really is very empowering!

Troubling, stressful class for the day = Peralihan students.

Really, they're such a pain. I've never relieved a peralihan class before and my first was a nightmare. Seriously, they're much more naughtier than the normal rascals and they're way more rude to the teachers. Tak makan saman betul!

I was really having a headache taking care of that class. Even the class next door was such a pain in the ass. Their teacher is either absent or missing so the class is in perfect chaos! Thank goodness that not many moments later on, a disciplinary teacher came and start hitting all of those noisy monkeys. She was really furious for some reason but at least after she came, the class went silent. Yes, a SHE.

It started to rain on during the last two period before school ended. I seriously thought that it will soon leave by the time school ended but the rain remains, and to make matters worse, it gets heavier by the minute. Damn. Since it was raining heavily, I wouldn't want to take any chances and drive home straight away, I waited at Tini's house until the rain lessen and drizzles only to ride back to home.


  1. hahahaha... yelah. mmg okay pown. tak ckp pown tak ok... kenyang gak... makan dua jer dh kenyang... yg lagi dua tu sumbat masok jerr.. hahaha


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