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Practicum : Day 13, May 18th

Mid-year exams have been around starting last week for the other forms and it's starting today for the Form 1 and Form 2. You know what that means? We have no need to write lesson plans!!! Yahhhhooooooooooo!!!! That's so awesome! Because lesson plan writing is so annoying and tiring to do. Plus it becomes completely frustrating to do and write when it comes to us having to choose either do the format that UNiSEL wanted us to do, or write one that is practical to the actual learning that is going to happen inside the classroom. It is totally different. Plus, when you teach, its not that you just teach whatever you desire. You have to follow the scheme of work, like on last week from example, I have to teach the students about advertisements and how to understand how advertisements work. While it seems simple enough, try the real picture.

How is it possible to teach when there are students running around in class screaming and shouting, some of them are fighting, some of them are playing, and many more. It is damn stressful I tell you. Being a teacher does have its perks and sometimes it IS fun, but most of the time it is just plain tiring. So, back to the lesson plan issue.

Exam = No other form teaching & learning
No teaching  & learning = Students study or memorize notes
Students study for themselves = No need to teach
No need to teach = No lesson plan
No lesson plan = HEAVEN!!!!!

So, you get the drill. But since for today, I had only one class and that class is just a single period class, and it doesn't conflicts with the exam time, I had a blissful time. I get to come to the class, nag, and never worrry about no teaching and learning was in progress. It was really a relief.

Besides that, we were given less and less relief classes to take care. And because of that, we had ample... I mean a LOT of FREE TIME. So, what do we do with that spare time?

Yup...........FRONTIERVILLE. Its like Farmville all over again and though it is addictive, the problem with games like these is that they require us having to find friends to help with sending tools, materials and stuff. That is the annoying part about these kinds of games. It is still addictive, despite the flaws. And for people who are perfectionist or those who are very particular about games will suffer with games like this. Because every mission will require things that only a friend can give. So annoying.

So, we ended up playing games all day long in the room. I helped Tini with her mission items and she helped with mine. And that's what we do all day long. Pathetic, ain't it?

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