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Practicum : Day 12, May 16th

Monday, assembly! Ughh.. I hate assemblies, when I was a student of course. But now that I'm a teacher, it's a whole different thing. But I still dislikes assemblies because not that I care what was being preached upon on that day or that moment, the thought of having to queue up with the others and listens to other's people nagging and preaching is just unbearable. I know, so not teacher-material at all.

Though I do have to give this school a credit. When the Negaraku song is being played, the whole school, I mean the WHOLE SCHOOL literally STOPS and STANDS STILL to respect the song. Let me give you a clear picture of how. I remembered for the past two weeks, we were walking and saw some students and teachers walking and of the sorts. But when the song started, everyone froze and stand still. Even the teachers too. Whatever they were doing, they would stop doing it and stand still until song finishes. Like this one student who was climbing the stairs and one of his foot was on another steps and the other was about to take another step and when the song played, he froze in that stance. Imagine, one leg one the upper step and another leg on the bottom step. It's like... wow.

The preach for that day was obviously and undoubtedly about Teacher's Day. It is May the 16th after all. This year's motto was,


While I don't quite grasps what the phrase means but I do understand that without teachers in this world, there would be no development of the country nor the world. We might not realize it, but it is the teachers who actually shaped the world according to how they influence the students and from that the students will learn and find themselves. Once they do that, they will create themselves into the future. Oh, let's say becoming a doctor who would soon, maybe, discovers the cure for unexplainable diseases. With that, our country will prosper. Do you understand now? Huh... maybe not. Sorry for the rambling.

Well, it's not like many of the teachers are concentrating or hearing whatever the Penyelia Petang was preaching in front of course. Most of them were either busy chatting, marking the student's homework or like us, drawing random names for the upcoming Teacher's Day celebration next Friday. Oh yeah, this school decided to do the celebration next Friday after the exams have finished so that we could be able to enjoy the celebration without having to worry for other things. So here we are. I'm not sure whether I've told you guys or not but in this school there's a tradition where each teacher have to give another teacher a present. The catch is that it have to be a random teacher so that each teacher will get one present on that day if by say that they didn't receive any presents from the students. And the present must have at least costs more than RM10.

And our mystery teachers are....

Mine was this chubby teacher who teaches Kemahiran Hidup. While Tini got this senior teacher who is on the morning session. Well, lucky for us the presents we bought earlier last week during our trip to Pekan Rinching was suitable for them.

Talk about lessons. Hmm. Advertisement. How hard can it be to teach them about it? Really hard. They know what advertisements are. They've watched it on the TV, while surfing on the net, while listening to the radio or even while reading newspapers or magazines. But once I've asked them to do one.............OH MY GOD. What a pain. Well, maybe it's my fault for thinking that they could do those things because we are so used to our classmates being the fake students and of course, our classmates are clever and they're older with more knowledge. There's no doubt they could do it without no problem. Aiyooh.. This is seriously getting harder by the minute.

Well, at least some of them nailed it but they still need help with speaking. They really have problem in speaking in English. I don't know whether they can't speak at all of they're just shy.

Ugghh........ I was pissed off at this girl for sleeping in my class while her group was doing all the presentation works. So annoying. And she was rude to me!!!

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