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Practicum : Day 11, May 14th

AAaaaggghhh.................... This Saturday just had to be the most tiring Saturday ever. I was up all night going from Kajang to Ampang, Ampang to Kajang, and then Kajang to Semenyih and all of it was for naught. I am too annoyed to even tell you guys what actually happened that night all I can say is that imagine starving for a dinner date and 9 hours later , you're still starving waiting for it.

Anyway, our school had this mini sports competition for formed groups of assorted classes for I-don't-know-what reason and some of us, trainee teachers had to come and take the place of the teachers who are absent. And guess what? Me, a person who doesn't do sports, a person who rarely steps down on the field and its track, nonetheless even play football, had to be the score recorder for football matches. Just because I'm a guy I like football okay? But, I had to do it, no complaints made or taken.

That morning it was damn hot and I was sweating a freaking lot. Thank goodness it doesn't smell. I have to admit, besides being totally bored looking at students playing football, there are one thing that I had found joy of doing while I was there. Sport photography. Taking pictures of fast moving balls in the air, awesome kicks from the students and especially the funny penalty shots.

Oh yeah, besides football, there are also three more sports competition were being held; badminton, volley ball, and  netball. While I got stuck at football, the girls were at the badminton court. Luckily for me, the football match ended quite faster than I expected and went to the badminton court to meet up with the others.

While I was walking, I suddenly realized the existence of this huge tree which for me, looks astonishingly mysterious...

When I was on my way, I looked over at the volleyball court to see ..........nothing. The competition for volleyball was already over. So which meant that badminton was the only one left as for netball finished earlier than football too.

I don't know why, but this dog is very cute! It tried to get close to us and some of the students but ended up running away from us. Even when some Chinese girls went to it, it ran away from them. So weird.. but definitely cute!

Mama Tini.. hahaha!!!

I waited with the girls until badminton competition ended and we all had to assemble at the assembly court. The teachers presented medals for those who wins. Well, I still don't quite understand the function of this sport competition. Anyway, after the awarding ceremony ended. We head back. Damnn it was tiring!

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