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Practicum : Day 10, May 13th

Urmmm... sorry for the late update. Blogger site was having this official shut down to...I don't know what exactly did they did (perhaps upgrading something) temporarily so bloggers everywhere who uses as a domain couldn't log in and update their blog. Including me. Okay, so let's talk about Friday.

I woke up early that even though I vaguely remembered that I slept kind of late the night earlier. But what the heck. Since it's Friday and school starts at 2.30pm, I had a lot of time to waste that morning since I've already finish writing and printing my weekly lesson plan the day before. And so because of Frontierville which Tini got me hooked up again to FB's game app, I was spending the morning, playing all kinds of games.

Those are some of the few that I played besides Frontierville. But the only thing that I hate the most about these FB games app is that most of them requires you to have friend that plays it too. Some quests and items are only attainable only through the help of other player. Such a nuisance. I just wish to play the game, why must we encourage others to play as well. It's not like they have so much free time like I do.

My breakfast on that day was Fried Rice with Sunny side egg. Did I cook the fried rice? No.. it was a leftover from the previous night. Not actually a leftover, it was actually my dinner which I didn't ate the night before because I ate with Faiz before I went back home. Gosh, this is going to be troublesome. I need to set up dates on which day should I hang out or stay in so that my auntie and uncle won't have to trouble themselves to buy dinner for me too.

While eating, I watch this movie called Modern Cinderella Tale which is obviously a cliche of our famous Disney's classic princess story, Cinderella. There are like tons of remake for the same theme of Cinderella movies already. We have Mr.Cinderella, Another Cinderella Story (acted by Selena Gomez), Not Another Cinderella Movie, and another one which Hilary Duff acted (which I've forgotten the title), and lots more. Maybe the concept and the plot of the story is interesting and that is why these film producers keep on banging more movies which have the same idea. Although its a cliche but each one of them are different. Ranging from the background of the character, who's the step sisters, who's the prince charming, and what is the focus on the movie.

Okay, for this one. Instead of an actual stepmother or stepsisters, the unlucky dame is actually a clerk or better yet, "office girl" who makes calls for a recording company so that radios will play the song they recorded. The stepmother is non-existent but she does have an uncle who owns that recording company only that he's too tied up with the product of the company, "Sensation". Three mean fugly bitches who are like totally self-centered who bosses the dame around like she's their slave. Well, yada yada yada... the you know the drill. She turns beautiful on split blooming second, pretended to be an artist who is supposed to be recording a song soon with the prince charming... yada yada yada.... she got busted, the prince desperately need to find the girl and bla bla bla, they met each other, happy ending.

So, after the movie, I got dressed and head out.

Since it was Friday, we didn't actually knew that they have Yassin reading session every Friday during the first period (which we didn't realize that last week because we were in the conference room). We joined the reading and it was held at the assembly spot. Though we do have rooftops to cover from the sun, it does get pretty hot and most of the students ended up sleeping while the rest keeps on reading. I, too, almost fell asleep because of the temperature.

Okay, two weeks maybe is enough for me to find out how am I going to be able to survive and teach these numskulls. I obviously cannot use the same lesson plan as I do for both classes whereas 1 Wafi is just weird and hard to predict while 1 Cekal is your obvious naughty delinquents who needs tempering once in every while.

But what else can we talk about that day eh? Nothing much but I've finally figured out my weekly spending would costs. It would take me a total of RM25 per week for lunch at school, having the safest assumption that the most I would spend at the canteen would be RM5 each day. Then there's the motorcycle's gas. Which will costs me around RM20 and more (if I am going somewhere...ouh let's say Ampang for instance), and then there's the cigarette spending which would costs me like a total of RM40 a week (RM10 a pack). That comes into the conclusion of RM85 a week.. that IS IF, I am not going out elsewhere to catch a movie, or maybe went to the Starbucks and other miscellanea spending (such as photocopying notes and exercises for the students) .

And having to travel around each day from Kajang to Semenyih, I have to take into accounts the travel time to make sure I do arrive in time for school (not late, that is..). Thanks to Faiz, who showed me around, nailing some shortcuts, I manage to take into matters that the fastest time I can reach to the school would take me about 10 minutes or so (excluding traffic stops).

I guess that's it for Friday. Nothing much to say.

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