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Paul, I have a FEVER.

Last night, when I went out to KL to hang out with Myra, we wanted to watch the movie Kongsi but tickets are sold out and even when I tried booking from the afternoon, it was all fully booked. I told her we can either watch Priest or Thor (although I have watched it with Faiz last week) because those are the kinds of movies that she'd like. Because I know when I suggested Something Borrowed, she refused. Okay, that is not what this post is all about. I'm telling that because at that moment we saw the trailer for the movie Paul which showed 12th of May as its screening but surprisingly, GSC Pavilion is not airing it. That's weird.

And that is what this post is all about. Today, I asked Faiz to catch this movie Paul which TGV Cheras Selatan is airing it. Score!

As we got there, we head to the TGV and bought our tickets. We head back down to the Store. While Faiz wanted to grab some onigiri, I went out to some of the sampling booth. It is either I've forgotten or Sunday is really sampling day because there were like tons of sampling booth opened for lots of merchandise. These were the ones that I stopped by because they caught my eyes.

The new peach flavor is delicious~!

Walls come up with two new flavors : Fruit Salad and Choco something...

Twister was selling their promotional pack...

And so was Anlene... introducing new flavors. Their chocolate flavored milk is tasty!

Yumm... Nescafe!

Okay, when I had finished sampling some of all the freebies, Faiz was already waiting outside of the supermarket area. We were thinking of where to eat. He wanted KFC because he wanted to taste the Chicken Chop thing. I agreed because I really missed Cheezy Wedges.

But before that, let's take a quick stop to my favorite snack shop! Auntie Anne's!

Finally, after quite some time failing or unable to order the Jalapeno Cheese combo because for usual reasons like they're finish or have to wait quite sometime for it, I get myself one because I don't mind waiting this time around. You know why? 

Because Faiz is the one queuing up at the KFC to get our foods while I went to secure a place. While waiting for him, I managed to wait enough time for the Jalapeno Cheese bun to finish.

And it was delicious.. although it is quite a teensy bit salty. I don't know whether it was me or that it really was salty so I asked Faiz to taste it. And he said that it's fine. I guess my tongue is not like what it used to be? Or maybe because of the fever.

And because it was Sunday, even almost any restaurants of fast food outlet was jam-packed with lots of people. Thank goodness that KFC wasn't all that packed. Just look at McDonald's and they even have smaller lounge for people to actually eat.

After eating and ciggies time, we went up, wait for a while and it was movie time!

Hm..... all I can say is that Paul is a fresh comedy movie which provides quite a laugh and it really was entertaining. However, there's nothing of a big impact in the movie. This movie is better seen on your laptop, pc or even at your TV. It's nothing much on a big screen.

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