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Not La La Land, it's Fruitland

Okay, honestly, I've never been to this Fruitland outlet before I was kind of skeptical of the food being served here as the shop is PINK and most of the displays are showing ice-creams. Sorry for being judgmental but that is how certain people are. We judge based on what we see and perceive but still there's a saying to 'never judge a book from its cover', so we picked our vote amongst all the other restaurants in the Jusco Cheras Selatan this is what we decided on.

There was quite a selection of  delicious and tempting food provided here though. Proving my basis of first impression totally wrong, they don't JUST serve ice-creams, they sell lots of other food  too and most of them are delicious food. Such as quite a variety of Nasi Lemak with side dishes of our choice, tasty noodles and pasta, lots of great snacks (and when I say, I DO mean great!), selections of mouth-watering desserts and plethora of drinks. 

But what caught most people eyes are probably the great deal of their combo. Choose any dish which would normally costs you about RM7.90 or RM9.90 and you'll get two free items; an appetizer and a dessert. Though you can't actually choose what they are, it depends on the menu of the day. And to add drinks, basically you'll get a cheaper price for drinks if you include it in the meal set. 

 This illustration in their menu really caught my eyes. They have the same drawing on their wall too ( a larger one of course!).

Somehow, our dessert came in first. But it was okay since everyone was super hungry already.
These puddings tasted great, except that it was Yam-flavored.
I don't like Yam-flavored ...anything. So I gave mine to Kak Yong.

It's funny how everyone ended up ordering the same drink : Ice Lemon Tea.

 I've actually never seen these kind of Ice Lemon Tea before. It kind of reminded me how beer looks like in a glass, all foamy like that. But these Ice Lemon Teas tasted very good. I mean like really really good! Because I usually don't like Ice Lemon Tea because of the tangy taste of the lemon inside the tea.

These is the appetizer. Fried Tofu with Thai Chili Sauce and Coleslaw.
Very delicious. The coleslaw's taste is like any other coleslaw that you would taste but the tofu really is good, although I hate tofu. I mean it, I HATE TOFU but the sauce really make it all taste better for me.

This is a side order which I ordered : Fried Spiced Squid
Crispy, chewy and the spices tasted well with the squid.

Okay, this snack is actually the hit spot for everyone. I ordered this Crazie Crab snack because I love crab meat so much. But these people are very creative I tell you. These crab meat turn out to be like those addictive cracker which you would eat non-stop while watching something or just chatting with friends. Everyone loved it because it was crispy, tasty and very appetizing!

Okay, time for the main course!

 Fruitland Soup Noodle
Zi Ling ordered this dish. The noodles are almost like pan mees and but what makes this dish so speacial is actually the soup itself. I can't quite tell what are the ingredients for the soup but I can taste the chicken in the soup though. I wish I ordered the same dish because it was damn delicious.

Rendang Chicken Nasi Lemak
This was what both Tini and Kak Yong ordered. It tasted like common Nasi Lemak except that the rice is not cooked with coconut juice and it looked like as if corns are cooked together with the rice. The focus here is that the Rendang Chicken which actually tasted quite not bad. I can't say much because I am really not a big fan of rendang though.

Sambal Sotong Nasi Lemak
This was my dish. It's the same like Tini and Kak Yong's Nasi Lemak except that instead of Chicken Rendang, mine was Sambal Sotong which tasted delicious for me! I really liked the sambal sotong. The cuttlefish was very chewy and soft and the sambal has the right amount of taste of spicy, sweet, and salty. Very good! 

Tempura Fish Chop Rice
This was what Faiz ordered. It looked kind of delicious but I wasn't sure of the combination of Fried Tempura Fish with rice. The sauces provided along did, however, convinced me that it tasted good. Faiz told me it was an okay dish because I couldn't or I was too busy eating my dish that I've forgotten to have a taste of his dish.


Now it wouldn't be a Fruitland review if we haven't sample any of the supposedly delicious ice-creams they have right? We ordered this Dragon Fruit Lolo ice-cream, suggested by Faiz and Zi Ling because of the tastiness of the Dragon fruit. 

However, I didn't like it because for me, it tasted kind of a bit bland. Not that there's no taste, there was. Its just that my perception of ice-cream should be sweet and not the actual sweetness of the fruit itself. Although I tried really hard not to compare this dessert with any of the delicious ice-cream I've tasted in Ice Room, there's just no denying it that I didn't quite actually enjoyed this  dessert. I stopped eating halfway through.

After we finished eating, we called for the bill.

RM81.05. A reasonable price for what we've ate. Not too expensive or too cheap. Just okay.

Okay, my overall say on this place is that they have a wide selection of food to choose from and what we've sample is just a small portion of what they offered. There are tons more desserts to choose from and tasty dishes that you might want to try for yourself. It is really not a bad idea to go and dine here once in a while. But if you're a familiar customer of Ice Room, be very careful not to compare so much between these two because they differ so much from each other. Right from the selection of foods, and their desserts are completely different too.


  1. fruit land but sell all sorts of food hor.. haha.. i thought it should only sell fruits/fruit juices :P

  2. same lol... I had the same kind of mind set when I saw the shop. Never knew that their Nasi Lemak is so damn delicious too!


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