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a GIFT for the teacher

Now, what would a Teacher's Day be if there were no presents received now, wouldn't it? Okay, I know that is a stereotype thought but I would lie if I say I don't want any presents on a Teacher's Day (considering now that I am a teacher) just because the actual celebration is what matters and not the presents, right?

Okay, I've told you guys a couple of time about the tradition in the school where a teacher will give a present to another teacher whom their names are drawn from a jar. In its concept, it'll be more or so like this :

Teacher A > Teacher B > Teacher C > Teacher X> Teacher X > Teacher A

Understand the equation? No? It means that Teacher A will give a present to Teacher B (whose name has been drawn by Teacher A from the jar of names) and Teacher B will be giving a present to another teacher (in this case, Teacher C. Whose name has been drawn by Teacher B), and that Teacher C will be giving to another teacher (another random name drawn from the jar) and it goes on and on. Coincidentally, another teacher will be giving Teacher A a present since that teacher has drawn Teacher A's name from the jar. THAT-A-WAY, all the teacher, by hook or by crook, will receive at least one present on that day. This to say if they don't get any from the students.

The school itself has provided each teacher with a goodie bag containing these items (pictures above). A Notebook, a Sejadah (for muslim), a custom made school's pen, and an umbrella.

Okay, those are the items that all the teacher will receive. Now here's something personal that not all teacher might get. Presents from other individuals. Minus the 'Teacher Giving Teacher Present' I received two other gifts which I never expected at all. Seriously.

 Okay, the first gift was from the Penyelia Petang, Puan Azizah through the 'Teacher Present' program. The one I talked in the previous post that she ambushed me while I was eating and it made me choked. Hahaha.

What's inside of it? That's a secret I'll never tell. I have opened the present and it is quite .... how you say, heart-warming. Really, it's a good thing for sure.
Now, the next present was from Puan Rofeah, the teacher who always hands out relief classes notes to the teachers.

At first, I was uber shocked when she gave me these cookies saying that here's something for the holidays because I never ever actually expected anything from the teachers since, I haven't been that long in this school to actually help with something that would get me a present. But when I think about it, I do remember doing something for her that she requires a favor from me. It was a little something that she asked me to do the day before yesterday. What was it? Not going to tell you. Or maybe I already did in the previous post. Try to check it out.

Now, this last present really really, I mean like really REALLY blew me away. A present from an Indian boy student from 1 Cekal. It really blew me away. I was really touched and moved because I knew that I was too new to them to actually receive any gifts from them (although I did hope I would get some... not many... one or two was enough). But This boy really surprised me. I mean, I never talked that much to him in class, let alone tease him like most of the other students in my class since he was the quiet one and quiet students aren't fun to tease with.

I guess was really speechless when he gave me this. I remember how he gave me. I was walking around here and there looking for my dancers when I saw him following me around. At first I turned to him and wave my hand like usual, asking what is it. He shakes his head signaling nothing. But after walking around some more and him keep following me, I stopped on my tracks. He walked up to me, passed the present to my hand said "Happy Teacher's Day" smiling. It was there and then, I was really touched! Words can't explain how happy and honored I was to actually received the present. Although I don't know what was the inside (although I can guess that it's a mug since the size of it fits perfectly of a mug and it's heavy) at that moment, it doesn't matter because this is what people used to say, the thoughts that really count.

Gosh, I am telling you, the moment I am writing this, I am smiling to the very corner of my ears and keep on remembering that precious moment. This may be, the best gift I've received so far from anyone. A total stranger, who knows nothing at all about me, gave me a present, on a Teacher's Day................


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