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Dinner "Biasa"

Unforgettable even that happened during dinner last night.

Me : What's for dinner?
Auntie : Ala mie... umah ktorg ni malam2 x makan sgt... nasi ape sume ktorg x makan tahu...
Me : tak kisah... janji ade makanan... awat tak makan nasi? Diet kah?! Heheheh!
Auntie : isssyhh.. taklah... sbb jarang makan nasi kt umah ni sbnarnyer.. 
Me : ok...

-one hour later-

Auntie : Amiiiiieeeee!! turun makan!!!
Me : coming.... (rushing down from the upstairs' room to the dining room)
Auntie : ni jelaaah... nothing much or grand pown.... (she took a plate and head to the front of tv)
Me : (walks closer to the table) *gasp* OH EMM GEE! INI MAKDIK KATA TAKDE PAPE?!
Auntie : Yelah...  Benda2 simple jer....
Me : Makdikkkk, Baked Potato, Grilled Spiced Chicken, Stewed Macaroni and Garden salad is definitely not nothing much! That is something okay?! *excited*
Auntie : Issshh... biase jer tu... Mane ade nasi putih and lauk pauk ape sumer.. so biase lah tu....
Me : *laughing hysterically*


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