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Cupcakes Reception @ Library

On the previous post of the Teacher's Day, I mentioned to you guys about the mini reception held at the library, so this post is dedicated to it. Why? Because of the darn hospitality hosted by the librarians and the darn CUPCAKES they've offered. If you're my close friends, I would've already mentioned a couple of time already that I am soooooooo damn craving for these delicious, fattening cupcakes. Not that I'm thrilled about the fact that it is fattening but the sweet and delicious combination of the soft butter cakes below and the sugary sweet frosting on the top is what making me crazy about these cupcakes.

And apparently, only a select few of the teachers were invited to this mini reception and I am damn super GLAD I was invited too. Just when I though that it couldn't get any better on the Teacher's Day, this happens!!! It's like a dream come true!!!

I'm not gonna talk @ write more on this post, just enjoy the pictures and get busy drooling!!!

Damn, I just can't get enough of these cupcakes!

By the way, that's Nazirah and Beronnikal, another trainee teachers who had been here before us and they're leaving in another three weeks. Although it had been short, we were enjoying each other's company so much!

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