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Practicum : Day 22, May 28th (Hari Belia)

Okay, so once again, another Saturday was taken into the claps of my school from my relaxation. But this time around, I was actually excited and not complaining. Yes, it does sounds like I'm complaining. I am complaining bout the fact that my Saturday was again taken away but I am excited to be going to this Hari Belia event. Although I do have to admit before actually going there, I had this weird imagination of how it would actually be like. A large hall or auditorium where old people and ministry people or whatever authorities talking about youth and the development of the country. Yes, that kind of boring event but at least this time around, I'm the teacher, not the students so I am free to walk around and loiter around. Hahahaha..

a GIFT for the teacher

Now, what would a Teacher's Day be if there were no presents received now, wouldn't it? Okay, I know that is a stereotype thought but I would lie if I say I don't want any presents on a Teacher's Day (considering now that I am a teacher) just because the actual celebration is what matters and not the presents, right?

Cupcakes Reception @ Library

On the previous post of the Teacher's Day, I mentioned to you guys about the mini reception held at the library, so this post is dedicated to it. Why? Because of the darn hospitality hosted by the librarians and the darn CUPCAKES they've offered. If you're my close friends, I would've already mentioned a couple of time already that I am soooooooo damn craving for these delicious, fattening cupcakes. Not that I'm thrilled about the fact that it is fattening but the sweet and delicious combination of the soft butter cakes below and the sugary sweet frosting on the top is what making me crazy about these cupcakes.

Practicum : Day 21, May 27th (A Teacher's Day special)

Okay, introductory clause first. Yeaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!! It's the final day for practicum before holiday......................NOT! Well, technically, it was until I accepted the assignment to become a chaperon for the Form 5 Students who is going to Putrajaya for the Hari Belia event. Well, that's another story to be covered later on. Now let's talk about today.

Practicum : Day 20, May 26th

Okay okay, I know, for unanimous readers who suddenly clicked on my blog because of the food picture, boo yah! Hhahahaha!!! So, this is what I had for breakfast today. Quite grand for a breakfast, ain't it? The truth is that it is like before, another leftovers. The night before was a Wednesday, and Wednesday is a Pasar Malam night at Semenyih, so we make it an annual thing to gather on Wednesday at the girls' house to have dinner together, including Faiz. That is why I said 'gather' since the actual team of me and the girls are already there, but the term 'gather' is for those outside of our cycle : Faiz.

Since I was already peachy full when I got back the night before, my auntie had wrapped it all up for me to eat in the next morning. It was very very delicious despite knowing that it was my favorite food, Lamb Chop. Well, not exactly the common Lamb Chop, but my auntie's style of course. Prep with herbs and black pepper, it was tender and very juicy, damn delicious. For the side dish, it's the usual baked potato and veggies, and a spirally (pasta) salad. God, it was a slice of heaven.

Practicum : Day 19, May 25th

Today, things got a hell, I mean hell lot better. Seriously, life was easier today. Let's start. I managed to wake up at nearly 8am and got just enough time to prepare myself and clean up everything. My auntie asked me to reheat the rice and the leftovers from last night since I didn't manage to finish it because I had two servings of dinner ealier (Thosai and the meal at Malee's).

Well, I guess luck wasn't on my side this morning when I was reversing my bike out of the house yard, I suddenly slip off the handle and bike fell over. The leftovers (which I carefully packed into a lunchbox to be taken to school), fell over and all the rice and dishes ............ just splat on the ground. I had to clean all those up before I leave and because of that, I was late for 10 minutes which I promised to arrive at school by 9am for the practice.

Practicum : Day 18, May 24th

Oh my GOD, I can't tell you how hectic and troublesome today was. Let me start by the common thing first. As usual, I would wake up, make myself a breakfast meal or just heat up the leftovers but since this morning I had to choreograph and coach a group of students dance routine for the Teacher's Day performance this Friday, I had to skip out the breakfast and rushed off to the school but I did however bought a pack of Nasi Lemak on the way. When I got there, Tini was already waiting for me with the girls. They've seen the actual video and said that it would be okay since the dance is not that hard. Oh, did I mention that we finally picked the Morning Musume song because it was easier and since some of the girls are uncomfortable dancing sexy steps from the Girls Generation music video GEE, and since some of them are not fast learners and flexible dancer, they can't do most of the steps of Sorry Sorry from Super Junior. Damn, it was fun and tiring coaching them. We could only manage to teach them a few basic steps and they would have to repeat it again and again to sharpen the dance and make sure everyone is in sync.

Practicum : Day 17, May 23th

I guess what they say about leftover pastas really is true. That it gets better and delicious because the ingredients in the sauce is absorbed into the pasta and the flavor is expanded more.  That is what happened today when I reheated the leftover pasta that my auntie left for me and it tasted damn good!!

Teacher's Day Off - Priest

Now, who says that a teacher can't have fun and a relaxation day doing nothing but crazy things like we're not a teacher at all? Well, whoever said that teachers are boring people, then let us prove you guys are wrong.

Unlike me, who went back to KL to catch a movie with Myra or with Faiz, these three girls (Tini, Kak yong, and Zi Ling) felt bored on the weekends and it was already three weeks that they haven't gone out and they're pretty restless. So, Tini asked me to take my mom's car and go out. It doesn't have to be far or anything so we thought that Jusco Cheras Selatan is by far the nearest hip mall that have everything: movies, fast foods, shopping, entertainment and all. My main purpose for this outing was to catch the movie Priest. Seeing that it was a Sunday and on weekends, people would flood in shopping malls everywhere and chances that movie tickets will be sold out fast is a sure thing. I told them that we would go there early. We move out at 9am over and got there at about 9.30pm over. But Jusco wasn't opened yet, so we did some cam-whoring session!

Not La La Land, it's Fruitland

Okay, honestly, I've never been to this Fruitland outlet before I was kind of skeptical of the food being served here as the shop is PINK and most of the displays are showing ice-creams. Sorry for being judgmental but that is how certain people are. We judge based on what we see and perceive but still there's a saying to 'never judge a book from its cover', so we picked our vote amongst all the other restaurants in the Jusco Cheras Selatan this is what we decided on.

Practicum : Day 16, May 21th

Again, yet another Saturday of relaxation ruined by school program. LADAP in short for Latihan Dalam Pengajaran. A  workshop for teachers to improve their P&P. Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran.

Practicum : Day 15, May 20th

 What else can I say about today? Nothing much. Exams are still on and it is by far the most relaxing moments in the school. I gotta say, it is really refreshing to see how invigilating an exam can turn these monstrous beast into little kitten. Hahahahah. Threaten them. If they don't keep quiet, then don't start the exam. Just keep staring and they'll began hushing down and even beat their noisy friend asking to shut the hell up. It really is funny!

By the way, I haven't actually introduced you guys who are my students, haven't I? Now these photos below are some of the my students in Form 1 Cekal.

Practicum : Day 14, May 19th

What's for breakfast that day? Hmmm... nothing much. Just some egg sandwiches. I am not in a cooking mood earlier that morning so, that's what I had.

After breakfast, it's the usual gaming on FB, blogwalking, and some Facebooking (...duh!).

Practicum : Day 13, May 18th

Mid-year exams have been around starting last week for the other forms and it's starting today for the Form 1 and Form 2. You know what that means? We have no need to write lesson plans!!! Yahhhhooooooooooo!!!! That's so awesome! Because lesson plan writing is so annoying and tiring to do. Plus it becomes completely frustrating to do and write when it comes to us having to choose either do the format that UNiSEL wanted us to do, or write one that is practical to the actual learning that is going to happen inside the classroom. It is totally different. Plus, when you teach, its not that you just teach whatever you desire. You have to follow the scheme of work, like on last week from example, I have to teach the students about advertisements and how to understand how advertisements work. While it seems simple enough, try the real picture.

Wesak Day Plus Steamboat

I've never actually finds out what Wesak Day is for actually. All I knew is that it is celebrated by the Sabahans and/or the Sarawakians. My knowledge is really shallow I tell you. So, everyone was having the day off, whether be it was going out with the family and friends, going out on a date or just hang out, picnic, or whatever (fill in the blanks, too many things). What did I do on that day? Stimboat party!!!!

The girls decided to do a stimboat makan-makan in order to celebrate the day and to celebrate the coming of exams, meaning that we will be totally relaxed for two weeks because there's no need for lesson plan writing and teaching. AAAaaahhh such bliss!

Okay, so of course when you do this kind of thing you need to have quite a lot of food for people to eat. And since we were kind of low on cash, I called my money to bank-in RM50 just for this makan-makan thing and she was kind enough to give it to me. So I went to the Tesco and went some grocery shopping~!!!

Practicum : Day 12, May 16th

Monday, assembly! Ughh.. I hate assemblies, when I was a student of course. But now that I'm a teacher, it's a whole different thing. But I still dislikes assemblies because not that I care what was being preached upon on that day or that moment, the thought of having to queue up with the others and listens to other's people nagging and preaching is just unbearable. I know, so not teacher-material at all.

Paul, I have a FEVER.

Last night, when I went out to KL to hang out with Myra, we wanted to watch the movie Kongsi but tickets are sold out and even when I tried booking from the afternoon, it was all fully booked. I told her we can either watch Priest or Thor (although I have watched it with Faiz last week) because those are the kinds of movies that she'd like. Because I know when I suggested Something Borrowed, she refused. Okay, that is not what this post is all about. I'm telling that because at that moment we saw the trailer for the movie Paul which showed 12th of May as its screening but surprisingly, GSC Pavilion is not airing it. That's weird.

And that is what this post is all about. Today, I asked Faiz to catch this movie Paul which TGV Cheras Selatan is airing it. Score!

Practicum : Day 11, May 14th

AAaaaggghhh.................... This Saturday just had to be the most tiring Saturday ever. I was up all night going from Kajang to Ampang, Ampang to Kajang, and then Kajang to Semenyih and all of it was for naught. I am too annoyed to even tell you guys what actually happened that night all I can say is that imagine starving for a dinner date and 9 hours later , you're still starving waiting for it.

Anyway, our school had this mini sports competition for formed groups of assorted classes for I-don't-know-what reason and some of us, trainee teachers had to come and take the place of the teachers who are absent. And guess what? Me, a person who doesn't do sports, a person who rarely steps down on the field and its track, nonetheless even play football, had to be the score recorder for football matches. Just because I'm a guy I like football okay? But, I had to do it, no complaints made or taken.

Practicum : Day 10, May 13th

Urmmm... sorry for the late update. Blogger site was having this official shut down to...I don't know what exactly did they did (perhaps upgrading something) temporarily so bloggers everywhere who uses as a domain couldn't log in and update their blog. Including me. Okay, so let's talk about Friday.

I woke up early that even though I vaguely remembered that I slept kind of late the night earlier. But what the heck. Since it's Friday and school starts at 2.30pm, I had a lot of time to waste that morning since I've already finish writing and printing my weekly lesson plan the day before. And so because of Frontierville which Tini got me hooked up again to FB's game app, I was spending the morning, playing all kinds of games.

Practicum : Day 9, May 12th

Because of the Pasar Malam last night, and I got home quite late.. almost eleven and by the time I reached home, I was exhausted. I did however forced myself to finish writing two lesson plan for today's lesson. And I got distracted with the Frontierville game... ehehehe.. So I kinda slept at later time. 
And finally, after a four day streak of waking up early, I woke up late today. Although I wasn't supposed to be late today because there was a meeting held between all the teachers in the conference room today that started at 11.30am. Just imagine, I woke up at 10am over and I had like less than an hour to get dressed, print my lesson plans, and have breakfast.

Practicum : Day 8, May 11th

Like today, I woke up early at 8am over because I couldn't get quite a good night sleep. Although it may seem like that, I am thankful that by the days, I kept on waking up earlier than the day before. That's a progress that I have to keep and maintain. 

I do have to say, having a printer at home is really something great. I am really thankful to both my uncle and auntie who let me use their printer to print all those lesson plan and activities that I've drafted. Aaah... it makes life a breeze and save money at the same time (especially when money right now is on a dry run...*sigh*).

So, what is for breakfast today? Nope. Not patties or sausages. Nuggets instead!

Practicum : Day 7, May 10th

I woke up early this morning because I did not get a good night sleep last night. I was tossing and turning like hell and I would woke up every hour or so. And each time, my position changes. Well, I mmg tidor lasak, what to say. Hahahahaha

Anyway, so I woke up and saw this note by the fridge.

Understandable, because last night I ate outside with Faiz at the Garden Cafe in Tesco Kajang after school because I wanted to buy a new slacks cause my one was ripped in the middle. *sigh* that's another one.

Practicum : Day 6, May 9th

Huuuuhh.. okay. What is it that started my day off today. Oh yeah. I check out Nuffnang page and saw this WWWOW awards thingy which I know have been around for quite a while but I didn't have the time to check it out so I finally checked it out today and I'm wondering if I do enter, will I ever win? Because contests like these are hard to win especially with the gazillion number of entrée which I have to beat. And usually when it comes to voting games, I've never been on to receive any vote. I'm just jinxed that way.

So, after a while of thinking. I did submit. But one ... just one. A photo of the chinese girl in my relief class wearing face mask. I did however wanted to enter the video of the year award too but I don't frigging know why but the link I posted was broken or whatever it is that is not functioning, so I gave up on it after a couple of tries. It's damn frustrating.

Practicum : Day 5, May 7th

Yesterday was Saturday. And like most Saturdays, people who works on weekdays get to spend their weekend work-free. But tragically, school teachers had to come to school on a weekend too. Apparently, there's a replacement school day because of the previous holiday (which I know nothing of).

And since the night before, I had spend quite some time writing my lesson plan and all, I slept at 5am and hoped that I could still manage to wake up early or at least enough time for me to shower, get dressed and go to school without being late.

I did however woke up at 10am over... like most of the recent days here in my auntie's house but usually when I go downstairs for my breakfast, the living room will be dead silent without a soul. But since it is Saturday, she was downstairs, taking care of her baby, Ilham (which still haven't gotten used to me being close to him ............yet...).

I stuck my pen-drive in my uncle's lappy and start printing those lesson plans I've been working on... 

Oh, and since my auntie was home, I did however not able to do quirky or fancy breakfast like the days before. This, however, was my only breakfast that morning.

Practicum : Day 4, May 6th

 I woke up at 10am over and was rushing things but suddenly I remembered that it was Friday and school starts at 2pm in afternoon instead of 1pm like usual on Friday. So, I calmed myself and went down to the kitchen for breakfast....hmmm...

Okay... since there aren't many choices at all, I've decided to do

Practicum : Day 3, May 5th

Last night had to be a weird on-the-going-fresh moment for my brain because I managed to finish all three lesson plan in under two hours. Well, I did draft the activities during school hours. But re-writing and finding the correct outcomes and objectives, looking for the right exercises is not that easy okay?

Btw, after that period freshness which my brain refuses to let me sleep, I kept awake by facebooking, blog-walking and such. Finally at 4am, I was able to feel sleepy and went to bed. I woke up the next morning at 8.15am. Whoa, that was early..I'm shocked!

Anyway, after I woke up, I went downstairs and cooked myself a western breakfast... Ja-Janggg!!!!

Yuuum.... it was delicious! And to make my morning even better, I found a movie that I wanted to watch so bad inside my uncle's laptop, Black Swan.

Dinner "Biasa"

Unforgettable even that happened during dinner last night.

Me : What's for dinner?
Auntie : Ala mie... umah ktorg ni malam2 x makan sgt... nasi ape sume ktorg x makan tahu...
Me : tak kisah... janji ade makanan... awat tak makan nasi? Diet kah?! Heheheh!
Auntie : isssyhh.. taklah... sbb jarang makan nasi kt umah ni sbnarnyer.. 
Me : ok...

-one hour later-

Auntie : Amiiiiieeeee!! turun makan!!!
Me : coming.... (rushing down from the upstairs' room to the dining room)
Auntie : ni jelaaah... nothing much or grand pown.... (she took a plate and head to the front of tv)
Me : (walks closer to the table) *gasp* OH EMM GEE! INI MAKDIK KATA TAKDE PAPE?!
Auntie : Yelah...  Benda2 simple jer....
Me : Makdikkkk, Baked Potato, Grilled Spiced Chicken, Stewed Macaroni and Garden salad is definitely not nothing much! That is something okay?! *excited*
Auntie : Issshh... biase jer tu... Mane ade nasi putih and lauk pauk ape sumer.. so biase lah tu....
Me : *laughing hysterically*


Practicum : Day 2, May 4th

Since Makdik and Pakdik already knew that I got the afternoon session, they felt like that there's no absolute need to wake me up in the morning anymore and trouble themselves so hard to actually try and wake this sleeping demon up..... I am such a heavy sleeper... people have a really hard time waking me up in the morning.

Unfortunately, I do wanted to wake up early so I could like jog or exercise whatever it is that people do in the early morning and train myself to wake up early.. but that is such a problem. Anyway..... when I woke up, it's already 10am and both of them already left for work. I went down to the kitchen and was figuring out what would my breakfast be.

Practicum : Day 1, May 3rd

So, the first day practicum finally arrives and after finally solving my issue of lodging throughout this four month practicum course, I was finally be able to get a good night rest before having to wake up two hours later because it was already 6am in the morning and Tini told me that we have to be at the school by at least 6.30am in the morning. Nope, she's not kidding.... 6.30am. God, that is not even my waking up time yet. But thanks to my Makdik and Pakdik (I'm lodging at their house), who made an effort trying to wake me up (they're experiencing the difficulty of waking me up in the morning for the first time...unlike my friends and close family who had already knew how hard it is to wake me up in the morning.

So, when I got to the school, the girls


Semuhsin, stands for Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Engku Hussein in Semenyih. That's the location of my practicum designated school. Obviously, we have never been to the school and only heard of it from Zi Ling's boyfriend... Lim because he was an ex-student there and he sang many praises bout the school. So we finally decided to check the school out and see it for ourselves.

This event took place two or three weeks ago. I rushed off to Unisel at 5am and manages to get inside the parking lot nearby the hostel by 6am and took a quite nap before the girls get ready and come down from their hostel. Tini, woke me up when she got to the car and we waited for Saraya and Zi Ling. Once the party was completed. We head over to the McDonald's in Puncak Alam for brekkie.

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