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A couple weeks back, not sure what was the occasion, but luxury eating was really our forte. We went to Kenny's before heading out to Bangi for an open house in our auntie's house there. The reason? Unknown.
So, the last time I went to Kenny Rogers was with my siblings was last year during my birthday, which I am the one paying for it. Just like a couple years back when it was my birthday and I went to celebrate my birthday at Pizza Hut with Myra and her boyfriend which I'm the one paying. Isn't it damn fucking weird? My birthday, my celebration, but I'm the one who have to pay? Life is sure weird.

 So....actually, the reason why we chose Kenny Rogers was because I was craving for the Black Pepper Chicken and the delicious Parsley Potato of theirs. Ouh and not forgetting the smooth and sweet hot chocolatio drink which is soft, milky and so damn dreamy.

 So let's get started!

This is Mine. 1/4 Black Pepper Chicken with three side dish: Parsley Potato, Garden Pasta Salad and Mac & Cheese.

This one here is Myra's. 1/4 Black Pepper Chicken with three side dish: Garden Pasta Salad, Coleslaw and Mac & Cheese.

This one here is Farah's. 1/4 Black Pepper Chicken with three side dish: Parsley Potato, Baked Beans and Mash Potato.

Now this weird looking dish here is however, Zufar's meal of that time. It's an Oriental Caribbean Salad or something similar of the name (which I've forgotten). He was asking only for that and a bowl of rice.

A bowl of buttered steam rice and a plate of salad. That's his meal of the day...Although the salad is quite delicious. Not that super delicious but just okay and edible.

Chicken Cream Soup. Not bad!

Garlic Bread. Nightmare!!! Why?
I'll tell you. The bread aren't soft at all. I get it that they're using a french long baguette to do so but at least when they're heating the garlic butter on it, it supposedly have soften a bit. But NOOOO.... they're damn a wood. I was having a hard time chewing them. Even with dipping in the soup also takes quite some time til it soften...just a bit.

And Muffins as desserts. Their muffins are really good!

Right. After that early dinner, we went to Ampang Point which is just a couple steps away.

We were heading there because I kind of promised Farrah to get her a new shoe since her old ones have worn out and most of it doesn't fit her feet anymore. And coincidentally, Zufar also wanted a new sandal. Well..... more ripping money off!

But really, it was fine. I don't mind. But I am really jealous of Farrah's new shoe. It is damn hot and GaGa-istic.

 Just look at it. I chose it for her. She told me it kind of a bit painful to wear because the straps are holding her feet in quite tight but I always told her, Fashion is pain, and to be beautiful is a torture. That my friends, are well told fact. It is just damn true.

After we get both her shoe and Zufar's sandal, I drive Myra back home and all three of us went straight ahead to Bangi for another dinner. Although I know that we're gonna be damn bloated to eat some more by the time we arrive there, but I don't mind because my auntie always makes delicious food or western food, which is rare for my family to do so since we've always eaten rice and normal kampung dish.

 But oh so damn it! To my surprise, my auntie cooked normal Malay dish.

- Sambal Daging -
- Sambal Udang Petai-
- Ikan Masak Kuah Lemak -
- Ayam Goreng -
- Ulam -

I am devastated!

1 comment:

  1. whoa.. Hepi belated BDAay!! :P
    I always craze for western food!
    this make me *DRooL!* LMAO!
    By the way,
    Nice shoes.. *I'm jealous too!* hahah!


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