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Othello in DBKL

Two weeks back, we were assigned by Madam Zarihan to go and watch the Othello Theater Performance in DBKL as research to our own theater production which will happen in two more weeks. So... those who are coming are supposed to meet up at the Dewan DBKL by 2pm as the play starts at 3.

Since I got there kind of early and hungry, I asked Adi to accompany me to the nearby mall, which is Sogo to buy some food to fill my stomach before any heavy meal later on.

I bought takos... yumm!

Thanks adi, for following me around.. hahaha..

After that, we went back to the DBKL Hall and waited till it was time for the play.

before entering the hall, the staff there instructed us that there would be no recording and any other capturing method permissible and that all phones should be left switched off during the whole time. So, I managed to sneak a picture before the light on the hall was dim.


About the play : It is brilliant, awesome and very entertaining. I have no other words to express my awe and feelings about the play. The cast are very talented and their acting skills are marvelous. The movement, the flow, the expression, the language... everything... so Rich!

after the play, we went outside to take some pictures...

most of the time, pictures were taken by me and these two.

After a while taking pictures, they decided to go and have an dinner at the McDonalds. I decided to tag along instead of going back first.

and we made it to McD.

 love sharon's expression....spaced out...

That's it for now.... not in too much of a mood to type that much.

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