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Micro-teaching Madness

Micro-teaching.......... what else can I say about this overly redundant presentation done throughout the entire three year of my course. It's the highest level of presentation next to a public speaking presentation but harder to score and to accomplish with great flow.

There are many criteria to be fulfilled, making it almost as impossible to get full marks or a very very high marks (well.. that also depends on the lecturer), but then again, when come practicum, it'll be damn much more difficult as the students are real live students needing and seeking knowledge, not like your overly-underestimated classmates which have to pretend like they are stupid or little kids, learning in schools again.

Marking is decided through these scheme :

Too much to be achieved in a mere 40 minutes or more presentation. Why? Getting the lesson objective to be either achieve, obtain, measure, count, or even observe and oversee is hard enough... let alone the class isn't going to be cooperative enough. Lack in materials, supports, classroom managing skills, getting student's attention, bla bla bla.... oooh.. .so tiring.....

Yet, as future teachers, students of a TESL programme, we are doomed to this sufferings. I still haven't told you about the problems in writing a lesson plan. Oh how dreadful..... 

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