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Harraz & Zaquan's Birthday Party

So... Chinese New Year..... Hmph.... Chinese celebrates it by visiting their hometown and relatives just like we do in Hari Raya. Me? What did I do? I went to my cousin's Birthday Party Celebration in A&W at the Jusco Setiawan with the rest of my family.

Harraz, the respective birthday boy... 

 Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Farrah has started wearing tudung whenever we go out. As the promise she kept when she said that after her birthday this year, she will start wearing tudung. Her birthday falls on the Hari Wilayah, which is the 1st of February.


Oh yeah, all these time, its been quite hard to get a good family portrait with my mom. But finally, I got some!!!

the reason the picture is like this because we were asking our mom to stay still and let us pose by kissing her cheek but she refused to and tried to avoid us. It's so funny.

The birthday party lasted for awhile and then everybody left. However, my siblings and I didn't. We stayed at the Jusco to look around cause we have never been there before. Unfortunately, there was nothing interesting going on there and even there's nothing to do. The only interesting thing we found was this 'Save the Earth' event which isn't exactly an event.. more like a booth being set up next to it and people who donated for saving the earth cause can draw something on the board they provided.

Which I did donated.

 So... there you go, SAVE THE EARTH!! You bollocks!

so so so sorry for the lazy post. I had no mood to be writing anything for now. Hope that the pictures can do the explanations....

1 comment:

  1. hihi..
    bday clbration more fun wit ol of u.
    neway, farah look cute wearing tudung.! hihi


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