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Costume-fitting in Hartamas

Last Friday, the choreograph department and the dancers went to Hartamas to check out the costumes for our Othello play and rent for fitting. I was already super excited thinking about how would my costume looked like.. it is gonna be cool or the way I imagined it?

 that's farhana... one of the dancers too.

The shop is called Century Fiesta and it is jam packed.
A lot of people are coming in and out, in and out to rent costumes for their CNY celebration party and the sorts. And we were looking for medieval kind of gowns for the ladies and long petticoats for the guys. We were lucky enough to get some of the good ones though. Most of them are rented out. 
The costumes aren't really of a big disappointment but it's definitely okay!!!

Jeevi, Usha, Izni and Akma 

Coincidentally, after the costume fitting, I was thinking of heading back to KL. And Izni was kind enough to drop me by the center of KL. I now have no needs to take the bus and I could just walk to the LRT Station to head back home!!! 

Btw, this is a view that can be seen from the LRT Masjid Jamek. I love taking pictures of this exact spot every single time I'm there. Although the scenery never changes but there's always something about it that makes me like it so damn much.

p/s: my mustache is growing.... I don't like it. 

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