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Arabian Night? more like Harlem Night

22 Jan, 2011.
TESL Night. 

That was actually my first TESL Night from all of the previous TESL Night that had been organized during my whole three years in UNiSEL. Well, I had my reasons. But making this one my first was definitely a good choice as for it was worthwhile.

The decorations were moderately pleasing to the eye but nothing too grand or spectacular. But the turn ups was quite surprising as per there wasn't even enough seats for people who wanted to attend the event.

Even the lecturers wouldn't want to miss the night.

There won't be anything interesting about an event if there's only speeches and lots of people attending right? We were served with some erotically good performance by the unisel students themselves!

We were also served with some pretty interesting dishes. Well, an appetizer and a main course to be exact.

this is a very interesting appetizer. it tasted odd and delicious at the same time...eheh...

this is by far the most delicious Nasi Bukhari that I've ever tasted.

Anyway... since the theme of the night is Arabian Night, most of the guests came in dressed in what they think could at least resembles as what Arabians wear...

Though none of these girls won as the best dressed. The best dressed goes to another girl who wore a Red Abaya....and the best dressed guy was given to this person who is wearing NOT an Arabian clothing.. but a Punjab-type suit. How riddick. Sorry... I really thought that that guy wasn't supposed to win cause there is another guy that wore much more of something that resembles Arabian wear. I don't how the judges decides on that.

Well... the event lasted until 10.30pm for all the lecturers but there's a continual for all the other student guests. Guess what? They throw in a DJ right after and the hall became a dance floor. There's a lot of students went and enjoy the music and shake their bellies to the beat.

Well... most of them went to dance while some of my friends and I went to snap pictures at the decorations made available in the hall.

That's all.
oh yeah... for most of the time during that night, I was having so much fun taking pictures using Norsuraya's DSLR which she kindly lets me borrowed it and take lots of picture with it. Thank you so much.
These pictures are credited to her!!!

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