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Harraz & Zaquan's Birthday Party

So... Chinese New Year..... Hmph.... Chinese celebrates it by visiting their hometown and relatives just like we do in Hari Raya. Me? What did I do? I went to my cousin's Birthday Party Celebration in A&W at the Jusco Setiawan with the rest of my family.

Harraz, the respective birthday boy... 

 Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Farrah has started wearing tudung whenever we go out. As the promise she kept when she said that after her birthday this year, she will start wearing tudung. Her birthday falls on the Hari Wilayah, which is the 1st of February.


Oh yeah, all these time, its been quite hard to get a good family portrait with my mom. But finally, I got some!!!

the reason the picture is like this because we were asking our mom to stay still and let us pose by kissing her cheek but she refused to and tried to avoid us. It's so funny.

The birthday party lasted for awhile and then everybody left. However, my siblings and I didn't. We stayed at the Jusco to look around cause we have never been there before. Unfortunately, there was nothing interesting going on there and even there's nothing to do. The only interesting thing we found was this 'Save the Earth' event which isn't exactly an event.. more like a booth being set up next to it and people who donated for saving the earth cause can draw something on the board they provided.

Which I did donated.

 So... there you go, SAVE THE EARTH!! You bollocks!

so so so sorry for the lazy post. I had no mood to be writing anything for now. Hope that the pictures can do the explanations....

Micro-teaching Madness

Micro-teaching.......... what else can I say about this overly redundant presentation done throughout the entire three year of my course. It's the highest level of presentation next to a public speaking presentation but harder to score and to accomplish with great flow.

There are many criteria to be fulfilled, making it almost as impossible to get full marks or a very very high marks (well.. that also depends on the lecturer), but then again, when come practicum, it'll be damn much more difficult as the students are real live students needing and seeking knowledge, not like your overly-underestimated classmates which have to pretend like they are stupid or little kids, learning in schools again.

Marking is decided through these scheme :

Too much to be achieved in a mere 40 minutes or more presentation. Why? Getting the lesson objective to be either achieve, obtain, measure, count, or even observe and oversee is hard enough... let alone the class isn't going to be cooperative enough. Lack in materials, supports, classroom managing skills, getting student's attention, bla bla bla.... oooh.. .so tiring.....

Yet, as future teachers, students of a TESL programme, we are doomed to this sufferings. I still haven't told you about the problems in writing a lesson plan. Oh how dreadful..... 

Costume-fitting in Hartamas

Last Friday, the choreograph department and the dancers went to Hartamas to check out the costumes for our Othello play and rent for fitting. I was already super excited thinking about how would my costume looked like.. it is gonna be cool or the way I imagined it?

 that's farhana... one of the dancers too.

The shop is called Century Fiesta and it is jam packed.
A lot of people are coming in and out, in and out to rent costumes for their CNY celebration party and the sorts. And we were looking for medieval kind of gowns for the ladies and long petticoats for the guys. We were lucky enough to get some of the good ones though. Most of them are rented out. 
The costumes aren't really of a big disappointment but it's definitely okay!!!

Jeevi, Usha, Izni and Akma 

Coincidentally, after the costume fitting, I was thinking of heading back to KL. And Izni was kind enough to drop me by the center of KL. I now have no needs to take the bus and I could just walk to the LRT Station to head back home!!! 

Btw, this is a view that can be seen from the LRT Masjid Jamek. I love taking pictures of this exact spot every single time I'm there. Although the scenery never changes but there's always something about it that makes me like it so damn much.

p/s: my mustache is growing.... I don't like it. 

Othello in DBKL

Two weeks back, we were assigned by Madam Zarihan to go and watch the Othello Theater Performance in DBKL as research to our own theater production which will happen in two more weeks. So... those who are coming are supposed to meet up at the Dewan DBKL by 2pm as the play starts at 3.

Since I got there kind of early and hungry, I asked Adi to accompany me to the nearby mall, which is Sogo to buy some food to fill my stomach before any heavy meal later on.

I bought takos... yumm!

Thanks adi, for following me around.. hahaha..

After that, we went back to the DBKL Hall and waited till it was time for the play.

before entering the hall, the staff there instructed us that there would be no recording and any other capturing method permissible and that all phones should be left switched off during the whole time. So, I managed to sneak a picture before the light on the hall was dim.


About the play : It is brilliant, awesome and very entertaining. I have no other words to express my awe and feelings about the play. The cast are very talented and their acting skills are marvelous. The movement, the flow, the expression, the language... everything... so Rich!

after the play, we went outside to take some pictures...

most of the time, pictures were taken by me and these two.

After a while taking pictures, they decided to go and have an dinner at the McDonalds. I decided to tag along instead of going back first.

and we made it to McD.

 love sharon's expression....spaced out...

That's it for now.... not in too much of a mood to type that much.

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