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Xmas Xrazy

 Remember when I told you on the Christmas Eve itself, Myra got tired and had to cancel going out that same night, she makes it up to me by agreeing to go to Pavillion on the next day, which is on the 25th itself. I was happy to be able to finally go there. We wanted to move out at 8pm over so that we can have dinner in Pavillion first and then go cam-whoring non-stop. But out of a sudden, Dauz said he wanted to join us for dinner but we have to go pick him up at Taman Melati first. Aiyoh....

But it's okay, at least for dinner. Cause if he were to follow along, he might not able to go back inside his campus after 12 and we had to keep on hanging out until it was near 6pm so that he can go back inside when the gates to his campus finally reopens. And the reason  why I don't like it was because I brought along Farah with us. And her stamina aren't like ours that can stand up awake all night and so. I don't want to force her or anything.

So, we went and pick him up over at Taman Melati Utama. And he requested that we have dinner at Mali's, because he was craving for their delicious Nasi Lemak. Unable to refuse, I said okay.

The dinner ended quite late actually and after that we dropped him off at Taman Melati and went straight ahead to Pavillion.

We parked near Times Square and had to walk our way to Pavillion through Bukit Bintang. Hey, free parking. Who wouldn't want that?

 Bukit Bintang is as lively as it is... but lately, there are a lot of Indonesian punks strolling about near the pavement, disturbing people and everything. Annoying!

And we can't seem to "like" this big cube of YES because it is too bright and hurting our eyes. I'm blinded by the white lights! 

Though it is hurting, that big cube proved to be quite a good lighting source to take pictures!

See, these pictures aren't that bad right?

When I look at that McDonald's ad, I was determined that I was going to be here (as if in there) for the countdown this year (this year referring to 2010).

When this photo was taken, Farah was actually the only in the picture but suddenly a passing by nigger crammed in and pose with her. When the photo was done, Farah backs away and when she did, he said "Sussssah sangat". I think he meant that Farah was being 'susah sangat' to take pictures with because she kept on avoiding him. We were literally laughing to hear him speak in Malay. It was quite funny...

By the time we reached Pavillion, it was already pitch black. Well, not literally.. but they have switched off all the pretty lights decor and everything. We were too late.

Devastated, we walked around the side pavement to see if there's anymore Xmas decor that is still lit.

And we finally found one place!!!

Nearby that location, there was a Prada boutique and Myra wanted to take some pictures there.

After Prada, I was feeling super thirsty and wanted to buy a drink and so I dragged them to the inside of Pavillion to get a drink.

There was nothing much interesting happened inside.

Well, at least this display caught my eyes...

After tired off walking around, we decided to leave and Farah said if possible, she wanted to eat at the HR Steakhouse because she suddenly had a craving for the steaks there. I was also getting kind of hungry for all the walking we did and so we decided to hit there next.

Before leaving, we did get some few snaps along the way....

 I'd ask her to lie down on the road if I could, because there was no car at all.....

We left Bukit Bintang and head to the HR Steakhouse in Kampung Baru. There wasn't much of a crowd when we got there. I wonder why... Heh! We ordered our foods and wait for it. And when it finally came (which didn't take quite a long time), we ate it gladly like hungry lions, ripping meat into shreds... (Why am I suddenly incorporating symbolism into blog entries....odd!)

Finally, after we finish our supper, we started to hit back home. Funny thing that happened on the way back was that everywhere around KL, there was a roadblock. I almost got shocked once because the roadblock was directly ahead after a turn on small lane. That was kind of scary, but luckily, I didn't get detained at all at either two. Oh yeah, I passed into two roadblocks that night. Thank goodness nothing happened.

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