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Karen's Xmas Open House

This was actually the next day after the whole Xmas Xrazy cam-whoring outing. Since school are starting not far after Xmas, my mom enlist me to go shopping for school clothes for Farah. And where else would I go to shop other than my favorite Tesco Ampang. Sorry, Tesco is a part of my life and most of my wardrobe are collections from Tesco.... hahahaha! Besides, they always have a sale and their prices are way cheaper. Though I don't deny having a designer's brand is really awesome. The status and the uniqueness....stop!

Okay, so why was Myra there too? Because right after this little shopping chore, I wanted to go straight ahead to Banting. Banting? What is in Banting? 

If you guys haven't forgotten, I celebrated someone's birthday in Banting last year (2010). Yup, it was Karen's birthday. Remember this post where I went all the way to Banting all on my own to celebrate her birthday? Well this time around, her family is doing a Xmas Celebration open house and she invited everyone to come over. Seeing as I have went to her house before, I thought it wouldn't hurt to go to her house again. Besides, I already knew the way.

Anyway, on our way there, before we reach Sungai Besi, there was tons of motorcyclist riding around carrying Malaysian flag over their shoulders. And then I suddenly remembered that on that day, it was the annual first leg football match between our country and Indonesia.

Oh well, we might not be able to go to watch it at the Stadium Bukit Jalil but at least we pray that our country would win. And so we continued our journey to Karen's house. It took me almost an hour but it didn't felt that long and boring at all. Finally, I reached her house and surprisingly, a minute or two later, a familiar car arrived in front of her house too. Guess who?

MBB 4819 or was it 4918

anyway, it was Fifie's car and to my surprise, Faiz, Fifie, Lan, Mien and his gf all came popping out from the car. How of a coincidence is that....! So, we end up having fun all together and this time for sure, I finally be able to introduce Myra to these guy friends of mine.

We chatted for a while laughing and all until something terrible kind of happened. Well not disastrously terrible but, kind of funny thing happened. But I'm not going to spill it out. It's too embarrassing. So, we went out and treat ourselves for some of the foods outside, prepared by Karen.

Fun fact : I never knew that Myra was actually super duper into Murukku...!!! And we made fun of it and it sure as hell as very funny.... Myrarukku!!!!

We had fun chatting a lot. And this is kind of big for me since after what happened recently with my housemates and all, it's nice to be able to talk to them and have a honest conversation with them, laugh along the jokes, and talk (like we used to). It was getting quite of late and I was sweating till my shirt was wet of it, that was the time we finally decided to say goodbye to Karen and left. Though she didn't quite join us for most of the conversation, it was still nice of her to held everything in place.

Sorry, Karen, that was the only shot we could get out of you since you kept on moving.

And our way back, we passed through the Stadium Bukit Jalil and saw a lot for motorcyclists waving the Malaysian flag on the road. So, I guess, we won! And we did. I saw the score later when I went to surf the net, 3-0. Good job Malaysia! Now, I can finally be proud of our national soccer team!

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