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it was Papa John's Times

Saturday, January 8th. So, apparently, I didn't knew that my little sister, Farah, has a "kakak angkat" named Mira all this time. And that sister of her, is going to a boarding school by 10th of January, which is the day where the school opens back. So, before that sister of her going away to the boarding school, she invited or kind of insisted that  Farah come and see her over the last time. And fortunately, that Mira wanted to hang out at Times Square. How predictable of little school bitches and where they usually loiter. Pardon me language, for I have no liking to this girl at all. I'll tell you, of course. 

So, after I send my mom to work that day (my mom took a part time/over-time work so that she gets more pay), Farah told me all about her sister, Mira and how Mira asked her to go to Times Square. After careful consideration and thinking, I said why not. She can go meet her "sister" and I can go leisure and walk around Times Square with either Myra or Zufar, if they would come. So, I called Myra and she said will go there with Atiem. Oh, yeah, haven't met with Atiem for quite a while already. Zufar also said yes, as a promise to go to the movies. I was also checking movie screening time when I got home, and there was a screening at 4.30, which we could surely make it in time.

But things didn't quite go at our will as : i) I got stuck in the traffic jam over at Loke Yew which turns out to be a blockade by the police and the route to Times Square through there was cut off. So I had to go all around from the Jalan Pudu to get to Times Square. ii) There was a huge line of people lining up in front of the box office, indicating that there's no fucking way we'll be able to get nice seats and earlier screening times.

So, a No-No happened. We instead waited for the "sister" Mira to came, and that girl really took a lot of time to come over. As she arrived, I quickly labeled her "show-off" on my mind. Seriously, she is. Does a person need a whole entourage to go to anywhere. Well that seemed like it. Anyway, I was kind of reluctant to let Farah go with that gang of show-offs teenagers who are making me puke all over the place, but then again, Farah would know how to take care of herself, right? So I let go of her. And we moved on somewhere.

We wanted to go for a light tea-time because all of us already ate, before we came to Times Square. My and my monyetz had Ayamas bought when I pass through Jalan Pertama and Myra and Atiem had already ate. But finding a place that day was really hard. Everywhere around was packed as hell!!! Finally, we found a spot at Papa Johns, although it was kind of a heavy dinner place. A place is still a place.

Well, yeah. We had to buy something to stay over there. We were hanging out at Papa Johns, just to buy time till Farah finishes hanging out with that sister of hers.

Finally, Myra had to leave early with Atiem because she can't stand her period pain. So, that left me and my brother to wait until Farah came over from her gang. Fortunately, it didn't take quite a long time as she apparently, bumped into us when we were walking out for a puff of ciggie. I asked her to ditch the entourage and go back with us because we were on a schedule not to belate from picking our mom from work.

And so, we left Times Square and head over to my mom's working place. Since we arrived at about 7.30pm or so, there was still half an hour before my mom finishes her work, so we went to the playground behind her working place and played there for a while.

Although we didn't quite jump around here and there like a kid or whatever but we got really exhausted and tired. Maybe its because we're not as athletic as we used to be when we were small. Because when we were small, we like to climb trees, play at playground, run around, jump here and there, all the things little kids do. But when we grow up, we just don't seem to have that much of stamina to do all those things. Perhaps it is time to whip ourselves up into shape. But I hate exercising.....................yucks.


  1. suka makan ek? boleh jd geng makan abg eq...hehe

  2. yup!!! suka sangat!!!
    papa john nye garlic sauce tu mmg sdap!!!!
    n pizza dyorg not bad ooh!

  3. Wow! Very interesting blog you had here! Wish to connect with you on Google Friend Connect! Cheers! =) (


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