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Home Town Yong Tow Foo.....hehe

It has been a very freaking long time since I last hang out with Wanie since she was always not around during weekends because her family loves to go back to their hometown. Unfortunately, she had to follow too. But lately, she's been asking her parents permission to stay over at her cousin's house in Keramat during weekends. That way, she can have more freedom to go out. Then come one fine afternoon, where she asked a favor from me to pick her up from Keramat to send her back to Taman Kencana, our neighborhood. Seeing as that we rarely ever spent time together lately, I agreed to her favor.

So I brought Farrah with me so that she can go hang out with us like she used to hang out with Myra. Who knows, they might kick it off too! I picked Wanie up and brought her to this Home Town Yong Tow Foo shop located around the skirts of Ampang Point because I've been dying to try and eat there. Why? Because I've been wondering is that the famous Ampang Yong Tow Foo shop that everyone was talking about.So, I just had to try.

 Wanie said that I looked like an apek with that short haircut. Do I?!

There aren't that many choices of food there and we really didn't know what to choose. So I ended up selecting two plain rice, some ladyfingers, Kailan Goreng dish, Sour and Spicy Chicken dish, and some Foo Chok.

Okay, my comments? The kailan was not bad, the chicken was oooookay..(not too delicious), but the highlights of it was the Foo Chok thingy. It was crispy and totally delish, especially dipped in their unexplainable delish sauce. Their sauce is seriously delish. I don't know how to explain but it was delicious. Although the dishes may seem rather cheap and simple, the taste was excellent...

 ....and even the price was excellent too.....

After we're done eating, we chatted for a while until it looked like it's going to start raining.

at the parking spot, there was this cool Skyline car that parked nearby our car and Farrah wanted to pose for a picture. I was all set to take the picture when she suddenly started...

...running because she said that there's someone looking at her during the time the photo was about to be taken, so that's why she ran. But somehow, I loved this picture so much. It's funny and unpredictable.


  1. sedapnya yong tau foo..lama tak makan

  2. wani : rindu ko gak.

    zuri : taw tempat lain nyer yong tow foo yg sdap tak?

  3. Congratulations Myrmia Melodiea! You are invited to join the "FREE YONG TOW FOO for International Women's Day" organised by HOME TOWN YONG TOW®.

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    Let's bring your friends and family members to join this festival!

    Sk Chen

  4. Amendment:
    "FREE YONG TOW FOO for International Women's Day" is organised by HOME TOWN YONG TOW FOO®.


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